Hello, I'm Rachael! A Brit calling the USA home. I moved to Detroit, Michigan just over three years ago for love and I've loved every second of American life. Dear Ms Leigh is my space for positive Detroit stories, showing the best things Detroit has to offer. 

You can always find me searching out the best of Detroit, the places to eat, the things to do. Roadtrips to the real America - it's wacky roadside attractions, the mom n pop diners. Weekends are spent trawling through estate sales, rummaging for a bargain, adding to my mountain of vintage cookbooks. I'm a big collector of vinyl records, vintage powder compacts and postcard related pretty things. I guess I'm a bit of a hoarder at heart. I'm always adding to my cross stitch embroidery hoop wall, playing with my two purring fur balls, to pretending I know what I'm doing in my garden. 

While I'll always be a Yorkshire lass at heart, Dear Ms Leigh is about showing my adventures of being a British expat in America and all that that entails.

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