Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Ooo we've gone all Victoriana

In York down the shambles there's a little photography studio were you get to dress up in one era of time be it Victorian, Fantasy, Maedival etc and for the price of £30 with the price increasing depending on what else and what size of photograph you get a memorable experience and a photograph of yourself and whoever your with all dressed up.

Me and Joe had the idea of visiting this studio called Past Images the last time he was over - but we ran out of time. So thankfully Joe remembered and on Monday just before we left for the airport we popped in and had a really fun twenty or so minutes dressing each other up and getting photographed in our chosen era - that of the Victorian age.You get a good range of dresses or suits to wear, all clipped and tied in at the back so you don't have to worry too much about the sizing, there's even a range of props from hats, walking sticks, fans to parasols.
It lost its vintage real life sepia tone while I scanned it but you get the general gist. The photographer sadly we never caught his name makes you feel really at ease, he takes a number of shots from full on facing the camera, a "serious" look at each other picture which we really couldn't keep a straight face for and pictures facing away from the camera. We feel for the first image he took - its playful and happy like us. I think it captures us brilliantly. We thought it fitting to have the York Minster as our background mind you being a glasses wearer I did have to take them off - seeing they weren't really around in those days so I keep finding it odd seeing myself without having them on.

We ended up getting the image as a gift and got some of the pictures printed off as postcards to keep for ourselves. If your ever in York and you want a memorable giggle it's a place well worth a visit.

You can find out more information on their website and their facebook.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


We're back from Edinburgh! This is one of our favourite photographs - it totally sums up our humour.
Bill should be released immediately.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Pennsylvania has become a little hope for the future. It's weird to say that especially since i've never been myself. It's the Joe's home state and i'll admit until dating and falling in love with him - i'd never heard of the place. And to be honest it is a little unknown somewhat state under New York, across from Washington and somewhere under Lake Erie. The state is famous for Hershey, or having the site of the 1776 declaration of Independence and being home to the Philly Steak or cheese steak depending on where your from and what your menu calls it. Not only is it's Joe's home state but it's the location for hopefully our first road trip up into the Laurel mountains and where we hope to have our honeymoon. 

This vintage powder compact was another Christmas gift from Joe I know, I know he spoils me totally it's perfect really - something, a place and a region that means something to him and something that I collect and it's something we stumbled over on Ebay together. 

The compacts cover is complete with key cities, geographical landmarks and key state traits and sports from apples, to hunting to resorts up in the north. We joke about moving to New Castle  a city on the very far left of the compact - it's the closest to living in the English Geordie city of the same name, that I have at the moment! The Laurel Mountains where we plan to vanish up to on our honeymoon is just under the horse shoe curve on the map - I think this compact will definitely have to come with us, such a fun sweet little gift that's miles better then using a sat nav!

With a little dust it shines up perfectly, it's plain inside just with a huge oblong mirror and a tap flapper still shutting so very tightly to contain the powder inside. It's never been used so it's in perfect condition and possibly dates from the 1950s when tourist compacts as souvenirs were at their height. For every state or region we ever visit on a trip it's my ambition to get a compact to match - well for American states at least they seem more available on the market. 

Thursday, 3 March 2011


As of tomorrow I shall be MIA from blogger a while. It's a shame really after getting totally back into blogging and refinding old blogs and meeting new people but the boy's over for our holidays and we're off away. Luckily we have a night in Newcastle sorted and a whole week in Edinburgh to enjoy and be like a normal couple for once. We have six months of coupley things to catch on and I can't wait!

Fingers crossed for the weather and i'll update you with numerous pictures when i'm back! There are some compact, happy list posts scheduled just to keep this alive.

See you all very soon x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Detroit Disassembled Andrew Moore

Its weird how time changes or even how reality can change time. The above pictures eerie spooky - a long forgotten clock from some unknown place in Detroit, somewhat forgotten. Now it stands still hanging, damp and time melting it's face, standing time still.

The last few days have been dragging, that's in contrast to the last few weeks whizzing downwards even when you take to creating one of them online timers the numbers just seem too huge to comprehend. But why would time be wanting to drag now - that's because the OH is over on Friday! Yey three sleeps away. So until then time is seriously dragging then again it doesn't seem like its been since last August since I last saw him yeap that long. Yet I know our holiday is going to whisk away in a second and it'll be the day before he flies back and I'll wonder where the 11 days went. The days will be over before we have chance to catch our breath.  

But the hardest part of an LDR is having to say goodbye.
Image taken from here