Wednesday, 2 September 2015

CREATIVE: The Detroit Skyline


The idea of stitching a Detroit cityscape is one that's been kicking around on my to stitch list for longer than I care to recall. City scenes I guess are one of the "in" things when it comes to popular stitching of late - you might even remember my London stitching. But one one seems to have come up with a Detroit one (surprise surprise). But hey I like a challenge and designing one myself, well it became a lot more personal and in honesty, I probably enjoyed stitching it all the more. 

With Detroit having an international riverfront, it has a natural edge for it's city limit and place to start the stitching from. Sadly the only way to actually see this scene in real life, is to view it from across the Detroit River while standing on Canadian soil in our southern neighbours of Windsor. Luckily there is always google to doodle from. Lots and lots of doodling.

Detroit Ren Cen

The Ren Cen stands proudly in the middle, bordered on one side by it's smaller buildings and carparks (we have a lot of those in Detroit) and to the west, a juxtaposition of the old (Fisher) and new buildings that make up downtown Detroit (Cobo, One Woodward etc).

And compared to the real thing, it doesn't look half bad ...


Downtown Detroit (source)

Made up of varying numbers of black thread, the design is a simple composition of back stitching and the odd grouping of cross stitches for shadows and depth. Jazzing up an old frame I grabbed for cheap at an estate sale and the picture hangs proudly on my living room wall.

There's a couple of reasons why I really enjoyed stitching this piece - working on something of my own from scratch certainly makes yourself proud of your work, but getting back into drawing, creating something again takes cross stitching to a whole new level.

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