Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Distelfink ink

I've been working out the ideas for my next tattoo. Not that I can afford to get it for a while, but I love the designing process as much as I love getting a tattoo done. I think with any tattoo thought and care should always be made when debating what tattoo you want to get, and ultimately why. 

The tattoo I'm next getting is to sit on my right shoulder, it's intended to "balance" me out slightly after getting my last tattoo, the dragonfly over a year and a half ago. The idea that's being tossed around at the moment is a love bird. There are so many gorgeous love bird ideas [ I say love bird loosely - basically mean any bird really] that people already have, often in the sailor style, kinda flashy but gorgeously bright and vivid in colour. 

The idea I'm after is based upon the Pennsylvania [PA] Distelfink - a base of Dutch folk art. Originally intended and designed for use in the 1850s on barns, since the 1940s more colourful, animal versions have developed predominantly for the tourist market. 

The Pennsylvania Distelfink birdie
The above is the basic design i'm going to be working from. But hopefully the finished tattoo with be a LOT different. I'm hoping to droop the flower lower and have a second flower coming in from the right hand side to frame the bird in a love heart. One of the flowers colouring will be the pinks of the PA state flower - the Laurel and the second being a white Yorkshire rose. The colours of the birdie are still up in the air, the images they tend to be based around yellows, oranges, reds and blues. 

There's two reasons as to why - all my tattoos have a reason behind them, I think it's really important. Firstly its because my guy, the guy I want spend the rest of my life with is from PA and its a reflection of him and where we are. Secondly PA is where we're planning on having our very special first road trip around up into the Laurel Mountains for our Honeymoon. It'll be a mark of our love, our life and our future.


  1. Love that first image, I have always loved bird tattoos too...wish I could schedule one myself...
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. I loved the idea and tottaly understand the reason why you want that tattoo. I feel the same way about tattoos and i've been thinking about my 2nd one too ^^
    I want to do (obviously) a fleur-de-lis perhaps behind my arm, what do you think? i love black and white tattoos, like my 1st one, and the simple draws. I think they suit me better than more elaborate ones ^^ i would love to have your opinion!

  3. That's a very good idea, the bird is lovely and it's personal. I like! And birds are always good! I have two doves in red and yellow on the back of my thighs.