Monday, 5 December 2011


I get ridiculously dry hands, more so if they have been within splashing distance of water or cold weather. I've also been known to try a lot of products to find something that solves this problem or at least offers a little assistance. For the past couple of years I've been using Lush products to try and help me. After moving to America with just a minimal supply of Smitten we needed to call in and check out the American version of one Britain's high street names. In addition Lush so far as been the only place where people have noticed, or at least mentioned my British accent, in and "omg your from where Lush is from" moment. Err Yeah.

Anyway, back to the point. The assistant recommended the Ultrabalm product in particular. Lush themselves credit Ultrabalm as being "an instant classic. Restoring, soothing, protecting, relieving, moisturising. There's nothing this petroleum-free balm can't do" [it is actually a body balm for super dry areas or even works as a lip balm apparently]. But for the sake of this post this is just a review regarding using it as a hand cream seeing I haven't tested it out on other bodily areas.

Coming in a tin [rather then the traditional black pots] it's a handy size to pop into your bag. It's selling point is that it's the natural version of Vaseline, that in itself should have sounded warning in my head - Vaseline [natural or otherwise] dries my skin out badly, saying that I thought it would be worth a go. While it doesn't have the greasy Vaseline consistency, it's not as creamy nor is fragrant, [it has a slightly odd, mildly off putting smell]. What I've found with all hand creams Lush produce is how well they last on application, this is additionally true with Ultrabalm but I've found that it does require two applications to get to the feeling that they have been moisturised enough.

Overall it works for what it's meant to but I'm not overall impressed with it like their previous offerings. Maybe because it is lacking that lovely smell you associate with Lush or because it doesn't have that creamy consistency I've come to like. As a multipurpose dry skin healer perhaps is has a use but just for dry hands I think I'll go back to using more creamy offerings particularly designed for that area.

Ultrabalm retails for $12.95 in the USA, £8.25 in the UK, this product was purchased with my own money and not endorsed by Lush.


  1. I would be put off just by the Vaseline look X

  2. Yeah it wasn't one of my wisest moves, but it works to a point. Not enough to want me to use it again however.

  3. great review girl! now i just need to find a really good chapstick because my lips are SOOOOO dry during this season. no fun!
    xo TJ

  4. looks a bit greasy. but sometimes that's just what you need.

  5. Aw, shame it wasn't to your liking, hopefully it can be put to use in some other way. Personally I've never gone for it, because it just seems kind of boring and doesn't do anything that the rest of my stash can't already IYSWIM!

    Is this what you're talking about Rachael? I'm tempted to order some for myself!

  7. I get such dry hands too, I really love Elizabeth Arden's 8hr Cream but it's so bloody expensive! xx

  8. I usually love Lush products but you are right I do expect them to smell delicious. My hands get super dry in the winter as well. I am always putting lotion on them.

  9. I haven't really tried out many lush products. I bought some in the US. I really love the lip scrub yummo. Just looked it up we do it have Lush here but it's in the city! I hope you can find a more suitable product.

  10. I have a love/hate relationship with Lush. I think some of their stuff is ok, but never really great. Their lotions and balms are too oily for me.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  11. I so wish I hadn't become allergic, I used to swear by this and now can't be in the same room as it :(

  12. @ Laurie - yes that's the one that i'm reviewing, it's worth a go!

    @ Sunny and Star - yeah their smell normally sets their products apart, I mean it had a smell it wasn't nice!

    @ Vintage Sweetheart, i've heard really good things about the lip scrubs, haven't tried them myself yet though!

    @ Laura - I've noticed i'm on/off with Lush's hair products, some are amazingly brilliant and others leave my hair so so greasy it's untrue!

    @ Daisy - it's a shame your allergic, I know my boy can't stand being in the shop too long because the smell sets his allergies off.