Tuesday, 10 January 2012

VINTAGE: Roadtrip Finds

On our way to Pittsburgh at Christmas we drove past a huge billboard advertising an Antiques Mall  by the with Ohio, passing again on the way to Toledo called for a visit on the way home. I'm glad we did because the building was huge, across two floors, three wings and all kinds of vintage and antique things at a fairly reasonable price and for $19 (£12) we found some really good bargain.

Now we have a proper bookcase that's rather empty, I love poking the old hardbacks in such places, and managed to find this first edition 1943 "Complete Guide to Sewing" by Constance Talbot. Constance apparently was considered one of the leading ladies when it came to lecturing and teaching sewing to the masses. With it's release during WWII this sewing book became a key guide for the thrifty American lady, advising her on how to sew her own utilitarian work uniform, on how to make her families clothes last and on recycling garments. It's an absolute bible for everything from making collars, bedding, how to embroider and even how to make your own underwear.

Joe managed to stumble across two great finds - the first being a Coca Cola pin up girl tray covered in reproduced advertisements, and the second a mystery compact which i'll blog about separately. One of the same Cola trays is currently on sale on Ebay advertised as being from the 1980s I'm not sure if it is actually that old however. Either way I love the old advertising and it's colours and it makes a good focal point above the TV.


  1. I absolutely love all three of your finds. I am so jealous. I love the tray, would kill for the book, and the compact is gorgeous. Bah.

  2. Hehe the compact is a funny little character!

  3. These are some fabulous finds Rachael! I'm really keen on the book especially although the compact is beautiful :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. great sewing book, the old ones are the best:)

  5. Really enjoyed reading through your blog! If you are ever interested in writing a small piece for our magazine I would love to talk to you! We're a Michigan magazine run by a couple college gals, for all Michigan Girls.


  6. OMGGOSH i adore your vintage finds.. that coca cola pin up tray is SOOO COOL!!!

  7. Hey lovey

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award


  8. Neat finds! The style of that vintage sewing book is great!

  9. love it, so perfect!


  10. That tray is awesome. Definitely a good find and that book looks amazing.

    1. It really is rammed full of information! Really inspiring just flicking through it! Now just want to fix up the sewing machine so I can make things!

  11. oh that book looks wonderful!