Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Collectors Club - Pin Badges

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the bloggers who collect series today hosted by Charr. This may well be the penultimate post in this little series as with all good things they must come to an end [or just when you run out of posts!]. If you still want to take part then just comment me your details.

But now it's over to Charr and her lovely pin badge collection;


It may seem a bit weird to some people but I collect pin badges. When I think about it I actually have no idea why I started collecting I just kind of did. My collection isn't massive and may look a bit weird on the display board (actually just a blank painting canvas from hobbycraft) because it's quite big compared to the amount of pins I actually have but I am planning on continuing my collection for as long as possible and filling up the board. I used to store them all in a tin but it seemed a waste so I decided to find a way of displaying them on my wall in my bedroom. I have them split into sections on the board from Disney to places I've been, Miscellaneous to charity to the car related ones from my dad I collect them from everywhere! If I go on holiday I will search the gift shops for a pin badge that says the name of the place just to add to my collection, if there is a charity around I will donate some money for a pin badge. It's become a bit of a thing now that any time we go anywhere new I get a pin badge to document it, its a nice little reminder of where I have been along the years.


I believe I began collecting when I was about 8 or 9 on the train in Paris with my parents on holiday. A homeless man was selling pin badges for money and he approached us and freaked my mum out so she gave him some money and he gave me the mickey mouse and Eiffel tower pin badge. It seemed to spiral from there like I'd pick up the odd one when I saw one I liked but eventually it got to a point where I had to pick up one, two, five when I was on holiday or went somewhere new! My favourite and most important pins are the two 'Flying shoes' as I used to call them, on the right. They were awarded to my Dad when he used to compete in athletics events as a youngster. He kept them for years then discovered them once and immediately handed them to me. I will treasure them forever because they are so meaningful to my dad and me.


  1. I think pin badges are a brilliant thing to collect and have a few myself; your collection is so varied Charr, the variety is great! I like that you've turned them into your own piece of art too :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Love this, its fun to see what others collect. For me its brooches (antique & new) and vases:)
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  3. I like those Disney pin badges! I think they're adorable :)

    ♥ laura
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  4. Great collection, I especially am swayed towards the Disney ones, I have a few of my own but never know where/how to display them. I may just have to dig them out xxx

  5. What a fun collection!

    We always buy a fridge magnet on holiday or days out. We can see them all the time.


  6. Wow! That's a lot of pinbadges! I used to collect them too but everyone kept wanting them so I started selling them aha xo

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  8. such a great collection! I have a few pin badges and I should totally wear them because they are just in my jewellery box most the time and I love them!

  9. I have the mickey mouse and Eiffel tower pin!!!!! Bought it in Paris in 1997... Oh the memories....