Monday, 25 June 2012

Bloggers who collect - vintage rings

I'm starting a new blogging week with a late, but very much welcome addition to the former bloggers who collect series. To today I'm welcoming Hazel and her lovely collection of vintage rings - all with a gorgeous story behind them;

Hi, I’m Hazel from Tales of alittle Hazzelnut and I’m going to share my collection of vintage rings with you today. At the minute I have about thirteen in my possession, so it is rather small but is growing rapidly. As soon as Rachael mentioned her Collection posts I knew I had to get involved; firstly I’m nosey and love to know what other people collect, and secondly, I thought it would be nice to share my collection and to find out if anyone does the same.

So onto the collection…

I’ve never without a ring, and I seem to rotate between all the rings in my vintage collection. I started collecting vintage jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, rings) when I was sixteen and currently have a rather large collection. However, I’m only going to show you my collection of rings.

My love of vintage rings started quite early. From about the age of five every Friday my Nana would come over for the afternoon and every time without fail I would insist she let me wear this ring;

It’s a 1920s cameo ring which my Papa bought her while on holiday in Dublin, and after she passed it was left to me in her will. It is probably my one of my favourites. However, I don’t wear it often for two reasons; one, I’m terrified of something happening to it, and secondly, it doesn’t fit on any of my fingers, apart from the little one! 

Here is my other ring from the 1920s. Surprisingly this is the only silver ring in my vintage collection, and it is probably the most worn. I obtained it for £3 (bargain!) at the vintage fair I attended last summer. 

Similarly, this is probably my most worn gold vintage ring (1940s). I just find it absolutely stunning and it goes which basically everything I own. 

The final ring I’m going to share with you has quite a sweet story behind it. During the second world war my Papa was stationed with the RAF in India and because my Nana loved to shop but was restricted by rationing he would send over jewellery and clothes he commissioned to be made for her, this is one of those pieces;

I absolutely adore it and the story behind it.

I personally find the best places to find vintage rings are in antiques shops and at vintage fairs, sometimes they can be quite pricey but I usually attempt to haggle it down. 

So that’s my collection, hope you liked it. Does anyone else collect vintage rings? Or even vintage accessories?


  1. Aww, the story about that last ring is lovely! All of these rings are so pretty! :)

  2. I love jewellery and personally prefer older jewellery over new anyday. This is a lovely collection, especially the garnet one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely collection. I have a vintage gold ring that was grandmothers. It has a green peridot like stone in it. It's beautiful.


  4. What a sweet collection. My favourite has to be the ring from India because i love the country and the provenance behind it. I still have rings custom made there now.
    I've inherited several rings the oldest being my Great-Great Grandmother's turquoise and gold ring in a heart shaped box. I do love them but my hands don't suit delicate pieces so they are left in the drawer and I stick to my Indian-made whoppers! x

  5. i don't have a huge collection, but i loooove the look of them.

  6. Aw lovely idea for a series Rachael!

    The rings are gorgeous, and so much nicer for having the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing Hazel =)

  7. Such a stunning collection, I love the tale behind each one. I would love to start an antique jewellery collection one day xxx

  8. I love vintage jewellery! Im determined one day I'll own my own cameo ring and necklace, I love love love them. I have lots of rips offs but not a real one yet. One day! xox

    My Blog : The Style Khaleesi

  9. Thank you lovely ladies!