Tuesday, 11 September 2012

DETROIT: American Pride

With today being the 11th of September and it being my first year actually being in the US on this date, I thought it would be fitting to dedicate this post to showing you two of the GM cars painted to commemorate the victims of the attack and show some American pride. This weekend saw the arrival of Navy Week to Detroit [more on that tomorrow] and as part of the celebrations GM had on display two Chevy's painted by Mickey Harris to show some American patriotism - one vehicle dedicated to all thing American and another remembering the tragic events of that September day. Both these vehicles were airbrushed freehand - they are both impressive creatively.

First up is the American Pride Camero which is designed to represent "America and our struggle for freedom throughout our country's history". This car remembers those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to obtain freedom and hope through the Armed Forces, not just by American's for America, but by American's for the world. The artistry depicts Washington crossing the Delaware River, to that infamous image of the sailor and a lady kissing at the end of the war to American involvement in the Middle East alongside a whole load of eagles, stars and stripes.

There was also the First Responder Silverado on display - one marked with images from 9/11 and it's impact until the death of Osama - the date of which is marked on the rear. Artwork includes the moment President Bush was told, to eerie structural remains, the Freedom Tower to the overseeing of the attack against the Osama compound. On the hood of the Silverado a small piece of glass from the actual site of the Twin Towers attack is embedded which you can see sticking up from the hood above "let's roll". Finally the cover of the trunk/boot features the names of the 411 first responders who gave their lives in the 9/11 attacks.

The only fitting way I can think of finishing this post is to leave you with some more artistry on art hoods representing each of the military services.