Friday, 14 December 2012

Martha Stewart Customizable Notebook

Martha Stewart has done it again - is there anything that woman can't do?! When I was offered the chance of reviewing one of her latest customizable notebooks I jumped at the chance. Starting and working on two online stores I have paperwork, notes, and piles of labels for shipping and everything else, I'm an organisation freak when it comes to my work so anything that can help, is just a miracle. Prior to receiving this notebook I was working out of three notebooks alongside loose pieces of paper taking over our living room, now i'm just down to two - i'm getting sorted! 

These notebooks come in the lush green color we always associate with Martha Stewart products which are always clean and fresh. They are totally multipurpose and are great for any kind of organisation, whether you need a notebook for your blog ideas or recipes because of the plastic colored dividers you can slot in and separate sections. What's even better is that these dividers come with write on tabs which are easily erasable. Accessories additionally include calender pages, task pads - (which I call my to do lists) and even expansion discs. What I've found most useful is the planner pocket where I've crammed everything from my USPS Christmas shipping dates to postcards to write up and labels. It's a great size for a notebook too being able to fit into my sachet. 


  1. This looks lovely - I love a nice notepad! xx

  2. I agree the best way of getting organised is a good reliable notebook. The colour is lovely xxx

  3. oh Martha! gotta love her organisational skills. 1 of my favourite gifts last Christmas was a Martha Stewart calender with a craft project each month!

  4. This is gorgeous! I love stationery. I was so excited when I got my 2013 Diary haha <3

    Jesss xo