Friday, 21 June 2013

VINTAGE: Paper Ephemera

You can find the most curious of items slotted inside well thumbed books and magazines. What a former owner used as a paper marker can be a treasure to me, which explains my box filled with a delightful, an increasingly growing collection of vintage paper ephemera items, a document box of social history. 1940's sewing patterns missing far to many pieces, food brand advertising fallen apart from their cookbook binding, postcards with adorable stickers, images and postmarks to war time lumber invoices. There are some very old, rare and delights - a turn of the (19th) century postcard and outer envelope pre 1903, a 1937 bakery advertisement for Halloween treats to 1950's car advertising postcards. Eventually some of these I hope will find places in frames on my craft/spare room wall, others just kept safe in a box for an afternoon of pouring and drinking in their visual aura.

Kinda had some bad news about a family member back in the UK just now, not a close one but family all the same, so i'm off to go loose myself in vintage pretty things until I get my teeth around Thai curry with the boy tonight. Have a great weekend everyone. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh I just love finding a piece of beautiful placement in a book......I have found a few postcards over the years. Because they were hidden its makes them more special doesn't it.
    Oh sorry about the bad news sweet......take care.
    Love V