Sunday, 9 November 2014

VINYL SPINS: October's Turntable


People often suggest I share and talk more about our vinyl, be it the collect, how we find all the records to just what we play. It's hard. They aren't the popular posts, the music we listen to tend to be from the 1980's or older and well, eventually vinyl will stop being cool again and we'll go back to being nerds who listen to their music on old turn tables. 

But I'm throwing hell to the wind. These vinyls (well their covers) need to be shared. So every month I'm thinking of sharing the vinyls that have been played a lot over the previous month, or are special records we scored or I just like the art work. You get the drift. All of the pictures will be taken from my instagram, which if you follow you'll already know I'm already sharing a lot of my music spins - I tend to work to music, it helps me focus. 

So being the first month, there's lots of explanations going, in the future, it'll probably just be pictures and a brief description. 

Octobers turntable can be summed digging out and revamping our vintage record trolley, playing lots of Motown, Andy Burrow's latest vinyl imported from the UK for dirt cheap, adding lots of records to our little decor shelf, lots of dancing around the living room to Powerstation and always being amazed at Clairy Browne's voice.

What have you been finding yourself listening to lately?


  1. I've been listening to some guilty pop pleasures.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  2. Such a cute idea! Also love the Andy Burrows vinyl! x

  3. I like the sound of these posts! It makes a nice change to talk music... seems strange to have blogs to talk about what we love and yet we don't share too much about what we love. I think I will talk more about TV haha

  4. I used to have a bunch of vinyl records but I got rid of them when I started getting CD's. I probably have about 300 or so CD's and my music tastes range from classical to classic rock with some punk, country and rap thrown into the mix. When I got an iPod that could handle it, I scanned all my CD's and have them on there. Currently I am on shuffle play and I have no idea what will play.

  5. I have been listening to Michael Jackson. A lot. It is a guilty pleasure of mine. I would love a turntable!