Saturday, 25 July 2009

An introduction

I would like to formally introduce you to the life of this twenty something.

I can't suggest that this life you may end up ending about will be overtly interesting. I'm not famous, I'm not born of any historical patronage nor do I spend every night sleeping with faceless men. I'm merely me. However interesting or not that is - hopefully will be revealed over the forthcoming months perhaps even years.

I will somewhat be hiding behind the anonymity that the Internet offers. I know this is a somewhat naive belief (a question I hear you ask?! Are we ever really anonymous upon the world of the net?!) - I am clearly stating, typing out word for word what makes up me, what makes my mind tick (more often what does not make it tick) what I think and what scares me. I hope in turn by revealing the inner darksides of my mind, the things that stir me, things that make me note and wonder will reveal more about me as a contemporary twenty something seeking to make a tiny space for herself in the wider world then merely addressing you with my name, age, address and date of birth.

I hope I'm more then my personal details.

I am who I am - I am a soon to be finished student, I'm a female struggling in the world of the big C - that of the Credit Crunch. So overtly over qualified for a job that will pay the bills and lacking the experience needed to get a step on the ladder of the career of my dreams. I've loved and lost too many a time, moreover too many a time I have lost. I fail to understand the world, and to be honest I don't think the world really understands me. I dream of the glamour of the 1930s (more of this will be sure to come). I yearn for the world of romance, glitter, dancing and showgirls.

I'm torn between what I want, what society wants of me, and what people think I should be.

Hopefully this will become a space for both you and I. I dream of this becoming a fully interactive space whereby everyone can post regardless.

I offer you this introduction, and I hope if you somehow stumble over this blog, that you will offer yours.

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