Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Trying to find THAT dress ...

... and our plans are going really well. It's weird how quick you just know what you want. We want our "do" to be simple. That's the key, that's who we are. I don't think we could do with everything all flashy and large and loud. That's just not us. We've picked our witnesses [even if they themselves don't know it yet], we're hoping for a little ceremony with just our witnesses and married by a judge and then onto our little vintage afternoon tea reception made up of numerous unmatching teacups and saucers, mini cakes and sweets, cake stands, traditional flowers  [very English ones] and a music list made up of Glenn Miller, Fred Astaire, Bing Cosby and Louis Armstrong to name but a few. 

The hardest task at first was thinking omg what kind of dress. I know some girls daydream for years about the dress they want, be it huge or tiny, meringue or a line. However, I have a bad relationship with dresses. 

THE dress was one of the thing i've started to really search for intently, being an hour glass shape it kind of adds to the issue - just seems like no dresses seem to fit this kind of style typically on the high street anyway. The tend to fit in one place and not in another. Me and shopping don't tend to go well on the average kind of of day, yet alone for a dress this important. The internet therefore is my saviour, and I will be risking it by buying a dress on the Internet - why because i'm willing to risk it, i'd get to try it on in my own time, in lighting that's natural [rather then fake lighting that makes you look fine in something at the time until you get home and your like "why the hell did I ever buy this?!"] also because of our budget. I really can't justify spending loads on a dress that probably isn't "me" and i'll only wear once. Plus loads of dresses you see in shops and magazines tend to be all the traditional kind, i'm not really one for traditional, i like breaking the rules at times. The net offers me all this at a fraction of the price.

So i'm opting for a 1950s halter-neck, mid length dress in white maybe even with a bit of fancy patterning or lace. Perfecto me thinks, jazz it up with some accessories and it'll be perfect!]. But i'm loving all 1950s inspired and original vintage dresses

I utterly love the last image, I love the idea that the dress doesn't have to be red to make it a wedding dress, and the shoes are just yum. I've also developed a thing for bunting! 

BUT .... I could just do with ideas for accessories [ie jewellery] do I do with the colour of the dress - so your going down the route of white beads/pearls or go with the colour theme [currently pale blue/purples/pinks]. I'm asking this mainly because i'm having a lot of issues trying to find pure white beads at the moment, everything seems to be off white/cream.

All ideas highly welcome!


  1. aww how sweet a small ceremony would be. I don't want a huge ordeal either. Oooo the holister type dresses are so beautiful in those pics! I hope you find the dress you want dear!

  2. I love the Viven of Holloway one (that is the first image, isn't?)
    My friend's mum got married recently, and she wore that and she looked gorgeous.

    I would go for that one, and then have a pale blue sash tied in a bow at the back to tie in with your colour theme.It would be that little bit different, but still elegant and traditional.

    Ahh, you'd look so beautiful!

  3. The dresses are so lovely! What I would do, that you've already picked the flowers you like is go with the white dress and go with some vintage jewelery.,5,shop,accessorize,acczloves,enchantedjewellery

  4. i must confess my fav dress is the 2nd... (1st line, the right one) Is just perfect! I really hope you find a dress you feel perfect in*

  5. Hey pf. I noticed your style in dresses is actually identical to mine so I thought I'd share my *dream* dress with you:

    Her name is Marilyn and she's gorgeous. One day I'll get to wear her (daydreams). You may borrow her :)

  6. Binia - you've hit it in one, i'm thinking of getting a net underneath to match with the ribbon to go around my waist. Probably be the same ribbon that I use to tie around my bouquet. And yeah, Vivien of Holloway is a gorgeous website, thankfully they even send stuff aboard so I might have to take them up on that offer!

    I think I may have to have another look in acessorise, they surely should have something!

  7. OH my, those dresses are heavenly! I'm sure you will make such a beautiful bride in any of these dresses! I'm still not sure what kind of dress I want, am hoping to find some ideas too:)


  8. I ADORE the dress on the very top right. It's stunning. All of them are gorgeous though Pink Flower!

  9. I love not-white wedding dresses. A dear friend of mine was married in brilliant red and she looked amazing!