Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Detroit Disassembled Andrew Moore

Its weird how time changes or even how reality can change time. The above pictures eerie spooky - a long forgotten clock from some unknown place in Detroit, somewhat forgotten. Now it stands still hanging, damp and time melting it's face, standing time still.

The last few days have been dragging, that's in contrast to the last few weeks whizzing downwards even when you take to creating one of them online timers the numbers just seem too huge to comprehend. But why would time be wanting to drag now - that's because the OH is over on Friday! Yey three sleeps away. So until then time is seriously dragging then again it doesn't seem like its been since last August since I last saw him yeap that long. Yet I know our holiday is going to whisk away in a second and it'll be the day before he flies back and I'll wonder where the 11 days went. The days will be over before we have chance to catch our breath.  

But the hardest part of an LDR is having to say goodbye.
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  1. I love that photo, its so eerie. Long distance relationships are so tough, I hope you have an amaaaazing time time together.