Thursday, 3 March 2011


As of tomorrow I shall be MIA from blogger a while. It's a shame really after getting totally back into blogging and refinding old blogs and meeting new people but the boy's over for our holidays and we're off away. Luckily we have a night in Newcastle sorted and a whole week in Edinburgh to enjoy and be like a normal couple for once. We have six months of coupley things to catch on and I can't wait!

Fingers crossed for the weather and i'll update you with numerous pictures when i'm back! There are some compact, happy list posts scheduled just to keep this alive.

See you all very soon x


  1. Aww Completely understandable!!! Have fun dear!! =)

  2. aww, so happy you both! go ahead and do your coupley things you two!! Have the most romantic time ever:)

    I'm so thrilled I'll have my chance two weeks from now!