Thursday, 17 November 2011

VINTAGE: Brushes

On Friday we drove to Ann Arbor, a big university city an hour west of Detroit to poke where we're getting married which in fact is in three weeks today, its in a sweet little district which had a very stereotypical feel of how you'd imagine America to be - with flags on the porch/front garden and a general store, among which was a little antiques store which we just had to pop into. It was filled with old advertisements, cookware, old lipstick containers, and while there was no compacts there was a gorgeous paddle silver brush. They were asking $10.60 [£6.62] for it so it would have been a crime, and a regret to have walked away without it.

The tale behind the brush is that it came from a house which was hit in a storm by a falling tree with the matching mirror splashing to pieces. Age has altered its once shiny appearance and i'm lost in a debate about attempting to return it back to that condition or to shine up the embellishments or leave it as it is. The lady who runs the shop calls herself the Button Lady of at least Michigan if not America [she can command up to $200 hourly in talks just about buttons], she was a lovely lady but she knew how to talk and to escape from the shop took at least an hour after we'd paid. She did suggest that I went full scale into compact collecting, it is something I've considered before but I wonder if its something too many people have converted already because of the ease and the cheapness they can be purchased. It's something to think about at least. 


  1. Wow, that brush is gorgeous! I've got a real thing about proper paddle brushes with that kind of embellishment, sounds like you had a lucky find with that one :)
    Ann Arbor sounds amazing, too xx

  2. It's a stunning brush Rachael, just lovely - gorgeous photo too - has me drooling a little! :-) There's something amazing about objects like that which have a story behind them too, I love that yours has such an interesting background!

    Jem xXx

  3. I have always wanted a brush like this !!
    Is very beautiful :) And a bargain !
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    I think the Versace H&M might go to america i know it was already been released in other european countries :)

  4. I know! Knowing its past if only a little just adds a bit of personality to it. Shame the mirror didn't survive though or they'd of made a lovely set. I think its a shop that is definitely worth popping back too, Ann Arbor itself downtown at least had another really interesting second hand shop too - full of old cameras and books, and yeah. Could of spent a lot of money.

  5. uhm, yeah... it would be a crime NOT to get it! It's a lovely brush!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. What a beautiful brush for a great price, as a new reader I'm really interested to see your compact collection! Congratulations about your upcoming wedding!

  7. Thank you Cara - there's a link at the top of my page about my collection with photographs [or click the tag along the side]. I haven't brought any for a while and there's only 11 with me since moving to America but I guess that's an excuse to buy some more!

  8. I think it looks beautiful. It would definitely be worth owning, in my opinion.
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  9. This is just beautiful. My nan had one very similar which got passed to my mum when she died, she absolutely treasures it. I love the story behind it; it's such a shame the matching mirror was destroyed.

    Can't believe your wedding is so soon, you both must be getting so excited! x

  10. I know three weeks yesterday! The honeymoon is sorted pretty much - wedding isn't that ready tbh lol oops.