Sunday, 27 November 2011

You know your in America when ...

You see the yellow school buses everywhere - even on non school days ...

You hunt out the "English" section of the international food aisle ...
... your lucky you can't see the prices of some of these - whoever knew you'd want to pay nearly £4 for one tiny box of Jaffa cakes?! That's alongside some of the items they claim to be "English" like most of the section of the left of the image, I've never heard of most of that stuff. Also please excuse lame blurry phone picture.

You see flags - from tiny ones to HUGE ones everywhere, from homes to car garages to drive ins, [why do we never have this sense of nationalism in the UK apart from the occasional sporting occasion?!] ...

It becomes just as easy to dine out then it does to eat in - and sometimes even cheaper ...

And one of the best parts -  sticking your Christmas tree up before December and get away with it, the fact that we put ours up on Thanks Giving felt somewhat rebellious to my English background - was a good thrill and looking around at all the homes around us - we are far from the first.

Let's not forget the debate over English verses American baked beans ... that set off a debate on my facebook - but the American version comes with bacon - and that has to be better right?

While i'm at it - you know you have an amazing amazing boy when he brings you home three bracelets he made at work for you.

Anyways i'm not really looking forward to the next couple of weeks - I probably should because we're getting married in a week and a half, but I still don't have a dress, or shoes, Joe doesn't have a suit and we don't have rings or guests confirmed. I'm having to meet some of Joe's work colleagues and I HATE meeting new people and to top it off he has his stag/bachelor do at the end of the week and I'm dreading it. Its not that I don't trust him - it's the people he's doing it with - i don't know them so it's hard to trust them. I wish we were just eloping and then running off to Chicago.


  1. glad to see you can still get Marmite!

  2. you're getting married in a week? Gat a dress!! lol
    I can't believe the prices of that stuff!

  3. Ah there's no rush - its not a church wedding so it isn't like all white dresses and huge congregation and things.

  4. That ladybird bracelet is cute!
    One of my friends married in Vegas last month in leopard print, she looked brilliant! Good luck with the shopping. x

  5. omgosh we have the reverse problem!! i keep looking for the "American" section in grocery stores here in Germany and the prices are CRAZY!!! hahah

    that is so sweet that you boy made you those adorable bracelets :)!

    don't worry about it.. as long as you trust him.. if he has untrustworthly friends as long as HE IS trustworthy then there's no issue.. they can persude him to do unsavory things all they want but if he's legit he won't cave!

  6. Thank you Lisa - I think that's what I needed to hear - i'm a bit of a worry head anyway.

    Vix - I wish we were running off to Vegas, the idea of being in a white dress all done up is scary!

  7. It's so crazy that everyone is putting up their Christmas tree in November! In Belgium, we only decorate after December 6th...

  8. OK, so fill me in on this, but what the heck are Jaffa cakes?

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

    1. something between a cake and a biscuit with orange jelly stuff and chocolate. they're fab

    You must actually be mental to have moved there!


  10. This is all so true...
    To have a real Christmas, nothing better than the US!

  11. How much is ribena? its expensive enough here!