Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Collectors Club - Postcards

Thanks to everyone that commented on the first edition of this series of bloggers who collect. Today I'm featuring Dani from A Blog From Blackpool who has an amazing collection of postcards.

I collect old, written, sent postcards from Blackpool and Greece.

My collection started by accident I wanted to write a collection of short stories in which the lines between fact and fiction could be distorted and a bought a small selection of old sent Blackpool postcard off Ebay.

I found them fascinating like little glimpses in to someone else’s life and I started to use them to inspire my writing.

At first I was only interested in Blackpool postcards because I like to be able to relate to the images and the places mentioned, plus I’ve always had a huge obsessive interest in the history of Blackpool.

Whilst searching for Blackpool postcards online I came across a collection of Greek postcards for sale, looking through a few images I realised that some of the postcards where from a place I’ve visited in Crete which was enough to spark my interest.

I now have over 150 postcards most of which are from Blackpool. My oldest postcard was sent in 1903.

My favourite postcard was sent in 1905 and simply says “As promised” on the back. This was the first postcard which inspired a story.

Collecting postcards is not a particularly expensive hobby; I must have only spent about £10 - £15 on my entire collection. I think this is great value for more.

I think most people who collect postcards don’t collect postcards from/to strangers and I assume those that do collect them for the stamps or the rare images but I collect them for the memories written on the back.

*  *  * 

Do you want this series to last more then a couple of weeks? Do you collect and want to feature your collection in this spot? Get in touch!


  1. What a great feature- it's so nice to hear the stories behind why people collect things, I think it's really interesting :)

    Collecting Postcards is such a cute idea, maybe cause I'm nosey and would love to see what other people have written.. but also to make up stories about the rest of their lives!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  2. Wow! I can quite see the appeal of collecting postcards, the messages and memories attached to them are always so special and I can see it being quite a compelling and inspiring subject!

    Great collection Danielle xxx

  3. These are great, i love reading old postcards, paticularly when they are sent at 9am and say something like meet you at 5 at Lyons Corner house, seems incredible that they were delvered in less than 6 hours.

  4. I love this idea! What a beautiful concept, have you ever found any particularly romantic postcards? xxx

  5. I love postcards!
    What a great thing to collect :)
    Rosie xo

  6. I collect postcards but like you said, not for the writing on the back, just more for the memories of places I've been. I think that's really cool that you collect them for the messages x

  7. this is a great collection. I like the idea of the written ones, getting a glimpse into someone else's life x

  8. I love this collection too. Theres something so nice in reading them and trying to get some context from the sparse words scrawled on them. Amazing!

    LOVE these collection posts - more more more! :) x

  9. What a beautiful collection and a reason for collecting them. I am such a sentimental person so I absolutely love that you collect them for the memories.

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  10. Aww thankyou for doing this lovely and i'm so glad that people like my collection x