Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Collectors Club - Brooches

I'm rather excited to be sharing Bex's collection today. Bex has been a great supporter of this series from the off and I'm very happy that she took the time to take part and show us all a glimpse at her gorgeous collection of brooches!

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Hi, I'm Bex from Futures. I'm here to talk to you about my collection of brooches. When Rachael first asked if anyone would like to appear in her Collection posts, it got me to thinking. Which collection could I post about?

Pictured above is my brooch collection in its entirety. Brooches aren't the only things I collect, I also collect Agatha Christie novels (and my boyfriend would also say beauty products), however my brooch collection is by far the prettiest one.

I began to collect brooches when I was about ten years of age. My paternal grandmother had recently passed away and left me some beautiful jewellery. I became a human magpie, seeking out more sparkly items for myself. I would buy any jewellery I could find until one day, my Dad and I were browsing in a local charity shop and found this little fella:

Something about him just stood out to me and I begged my Dad to buy me him. I had no clue at that age what a brooch actually was, so my Dad explained. He told me to look after him well, so he bought him and I did just that, keeping him in my little tartan jewellery box which I still have to this day:

My favourite brooch would have to be this one pictured below. Not only is it my favourite, it was also the most expensive by a long shot - however, for something as beautiful as this, who am I to complain?

I bought this stunning brooch in Camden, London when I was 16. The seller was an elderly Irish woman, who I could tell just by looking at her, didn't have very long to live. I fell for this brooch and felt really bad haggling for a cheaper price, however I still paid more than I've ever paid for a brooch in my life - it is possible that the price of this brooch is the same as about eight of the brooches in the top picture! I don't really wear the brooches in my collection, preferring instead to put them out on display on occasion, however this one quickly became a part of my staple wardrobe, especially when I became a prefect in Sixth Form. I still wear it now, although not as often, as tiny hands could easily grab it and do some damage to either themselves, me, clothes OR the brooch...

Since then, I have constantly kept an eye out in local charity shops, on local markets and various other places for gorgeous brooches to add to my collection. I haven't collected many in recent years, either I haven't found any that I've liked or I've been too busy to take a proper look.

I'm hoping to start up my collection again in the near future - brooches can be absolutely stunning and also provide a great focal point for an outfit.

Do you collect brooches? I'd love to see your collection

Bex xo

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Do you collect anything old and new and would love a place to feature it? Just leave a comment below!


  1. Gorgeous collection, Bex :-) I also collect and you're right - they are utterly addictive and luckily quite small too so there is always room for one more!

    Jem xXx

  2. I love going to tag sales because there is always the coolest art deco brooches you never seem to find anywhere else! I like your collection!! =)

    Hey Rachel, I would love to do a guest post about one of my collections? I'm not sure if I ever got an email from you? My yahoo account tends to eat my emails into spam alot...=)

    melaniesrandomness@yahoo.com! =)

    1. I think Yahoo eat it as spam, it often does with mine, I shall send you an email now while I remember!!

  3. Thats such a lovely collection :)

    The little pig is so precious!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  4. oooh Bex, your brooch collection is very pretty! i really like the little piggie-- he is adorable! I have only started to wear brooches, so I am so excited to start my own mini collection!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  5. Oh what a lovely collection!!! The little piggy is super cute.
    I have a massive collection of brooches and wear them everyday.
    Love pinning a little pretty happiness to an outfit each day.
    Thank you for sharing Bex.
    Love v
    Racheal thank you too.

  6. I love these posts! it's such a great idea and insight into someone's elses private collections (: This is a lovely collection of brooches, I only have one myself, that my grandma gave me when I was younger and that I still keep safe for the future (: x

  7. I do not collect brooches! Your collection is beautiful though and as I was reading this post I was like "I have got to get some brooches!"

  8. Okay I am dying right now! this is amazing :) I looooove pigs, it is what I started collecting when I was little. So that pig brooch is like calling my name. I LOVE IT.

  9. Another great collection, it's so lovely seeing so many different and varied collections, yet what they all have in common is the fact they have been so lovingly collected over time.
    I think it's great that even if you may have not collected something for a while, there is always that possibilty of it starting again or adding to it in years to come. I know sometimes I get bored or distracted by something else, but sure enough if something really captures me then I can be inspired all over again xxx

  10. Amaing brooch collection :) I collect giraffes, If you're interested email me at candystripe_princess@hotmail.co.uk xoxo

  11. I'm really starting to get in to broaches, they are really nice, what a lovely collection! xx

  12. Hi, I have just stumbled across your pretty collection. I have been collecting for many years and wear a brooch every day. If you are interested in Brooches you might like to take a look at The Casket of Fictional Delights, I feature a new Brooch of the Month each month www.thecasket.co.uk/brooch-of-the-month/
    Joanna at The Casket

  13. If that piggy is gold plate on sterling, there is a good chance it came from Charles Clements in Burlington Arcade, London. It's an expensive piece. Look for a 925 hallmark. I have something that is very similar in straight sterling, no gold from there. FB: Style into Action