Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Collectors Club - Cameos

Firstly before I introduce you today's edition of the collectors club I want to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone that took the time out to comment on my earlier rant from this morning. I never imagined so many thoughtful responses and they have all helped me rethink the situation with "friends" back in the UK.

On a happier note as it's a Tuesday it's another post in the Collectors Club featuring Emily and her gorgeous collection of cameos - an assortment which comes to show how you can collect old alongside new. Remember if you want to share you own collection, either pop a comment in the box below or email [lo_ts@ymail.com].

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Hello, I'm Emily from http://emmerliejay.blogspot.co.uk/ and I collect anything cameo related! :) I even have a cameo duvet set, which is posing as the background of the images in this post.

group shot

My Nan wears a large blue cameo necklace almost every day, and apparently I was fascinated by it from a young age. I guess this is where my love for cameos comes from. I like how every cameo is unique, but still elegant and classic!

necklaces 1

The necklace on the left is my first cameo necklace, and believe it or not, it's from Primark! It was only cheap and the metal on the back is starting to discolour but I don't care, I love it :) It goes with pretty much everything and is my first choice necklace most of the time! The necklace on the right was given to me by my Boyfriend's Mom, she found it at a tabletop sale. The chain can be removed and there is a brooch fastening on the back, so it can be used for either a necklace or a brooch :)


This is a cute heart shaped cameo that I wear on a lot of coats and jackets. My boyfriend bought this from a vintage store, I think. I think the lady in this one is the prettiest of my collection.

necklaces 2

My Dad bought me the necklace on the left for my 21st birthday, he got it from the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK - an area famous for good quality antique jewellery. I love this one, but try to keep it safe and only wear it on special occasions because I'm scared of losing it! The necklace on the right was from a high-street shop called Accessorize, bought by my boyfriend (he spoils me too much!), this is another one that goes with a lot of outfits.


The ring on the left was my Nan's and she said I could have it, it's a little bit too big for me so I keep it displayed on my dressing table. The one on the right is again from Primark, it's way too over the top to wear so I just keep it for decoration!

If you're interested in buying cameos, you can buy them in high-street shops as they're quite fashionable at the moment. However, other great places to look for them are vintage stores, tabletop sales and carboots! 

I'm going to carry on collecting cameos for the rest of my life as I think they're timeless and, even if I don't wear them, they're beautiful to look at.
I'd like to say thank you to Rachael for letting me ramble on about cameos and I hope everyone enjoyed reading!

I'd love to hear your comments on my collection :)
Emily x 


  1. cameos are so pretty! i love how they're all unique

  2. these are so pretty- they have have such unique character. i love the ones with little bows :)

    Jordan xx
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  3. I love cameos especially the pink ones :) x

  4. What a lovely collection! Cameos are ageless - they always look elegant :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. I just love Cameos! they are amazing!!!

  6. That's dedication! I didn't even know there could be a cameo duvet set!
    ♥ laura
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  7. Such a gorgeous collection! I started collecting a few cameos last year, this has set me off wanting to add more to my collection now. I think mixing old and new really works well when forming a collection xxx

  8. I love cameos, they look so classic and pretty, the heart shaped one is lovely :)

    Caroline x
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  9. I LOVE collections. There's always lovely stories behind them and you have some beautiful cameos. A very cool thing to collect.

    This is a brilliant feature- I'm thinking I might submit too. Glad I found it today x

  10. these pieces are lovely :)


  11. What a lovely collection quite unique

  12. These are all so pretty! I would like to start a collection but can't find many here in az.

  13. This is such a gorgeous collection! I love Cameos.