Friday, 16 November 2012

The Adventure of a Cat & a 1950's Cat Lady

Getting eBay prepared for the craziness which may be Thanksgiving and the accompanying Black Friday and Cyber Monday means I've been spending this week getting new stock written up. All these new items need images which I'm still yet to find any better way then sitting on the floor and taking. But Ed - one of our cats is nosy, she likes to be in your face and know what's going on. But, she also hates cameras, or at least the cord that's attached to them. Stick it too close and she'll either come and sit on the stock or attack my camera .... 

I'm sure she thinks in Ed's world she's helping ...

Speaking of kitties and stock - I came across this gorgeous image within a 1950's edition of the home and craft magazine McCall's Needlework that in it's time was very popular. Their pattern and inspiration magazines originally retailed for 50 cents and are amazing time capsules for vintage crafts and fashion inspiration and as social history documents. This particular fashion shoot image is from a showcase entitled "Spring fashions catch the glow down to sunset colors" from Spring - Summer 1952 - the magazine providing you the pattern to make the pieces yourself. Why can't I look this glam and stylish with my cats?

I'm not sure which I'm attracted to more, the one piece knitted dress in a lush pink or the kitty?!


  1. Ed looks very naughty there! I love the old mags and the strange poses, I came across a 1957 catalogue recently & the model was posing with a mongoose! x

  2. She is saying "NO! I do not wish to have my photo take. Damn paparazzi."
    Ed is cute though and so is that vintage photo. It always warms my heart whenever I see vintage photos of women with cats.

    1. That's what I kept thinking - Ed thinks she's a celebrity getting away from the paparazzi!

    2. All cats are celebrities in their own minds. Why do you think they act like they own everything in their home.

  3. This is so cute - I'd love you to link it up to Caturday on my blog tomorrow :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  4. happy to find your blog, can't wait to have a perusal of your ebay page! the knitted dress is rather adorable but kitty wins the prize!