Monday, 12 November 2012

This Christmas I Intend To Be Crafty

This coming Christmas has really sparked a need in me to be a bit more crafty and make our apartment a little more homely and festive. It's our first Christmas together in our own place [last year being spent in a motel in Pittsburgh while visiting Joe's family and wasn't really the same] and came just over a month after moving to the US so I wasn't feeling overly settled. This year I want it to be different and my way of making things Christmassy and homely will be getting down and getting crafty which I intend to share with you all. 

I have a couple of ideas lined up for you all already from making a Christmas Bauble Wreath, baking my very first Christmas Cake [wish me luck] and showing you all this amazing book about Christmas I pulled out of a damp garage at an estate sale to a very very special Christmas ornament I found which brings back many memories of the homeland plus whatever else I can think of!

You see I've already cheated in making my bauble wreath - nothing beats being prepared on a cold and windy morning when Sandy was baring down over Michigan - it's now hanging in the wardrobe awaiting being put on the wall.

Truth is I actually started crafting presents for Christmas back in August like this bathroom based sampler which will be winging it's way back to the UK as a present.

Christmas seems to be in full go already in the USA. It's the only country that you can get away with putting up your tree in November, to the point where people already have and the local radio has started playing Christmas tunes 24/7. If America can't get you into the Christmas spirit it'll certainly turn you into a Scrooge instead! Hopefully ours will be going up at the end of next week - at least we'll get Thanks Giving out of the way first!

Are you getting all prepared for Christmas or do you wait until December to think about the festivities? 


  1. My husband and I were commenting on how soon Christmas is shoved down our throats. We love Christmas it's just everything has it's own time frame.
    I've been working on Christmas present since the summer. We're visiting family for Thanksgiving and that's when I'm handing out presents. Saves us money and people can enjoy them more.

  2. I wish the UK got into Christmas sooner. The shops seem to get the festive stock in earlier each year but everyone seems so against talking about Christmas until December.

    Not me! I'd put my tree up now if I could get away with it :)


  3. Love the bauble wreath! Tons of my neighbours have got their Christmas decorations up, although we had Thanksgiving in Canada at the beginning of October, so I suppose the benchmark for it was Halloween! Also, I've been told that in a week or so, there'll be too much snow to put up outdoor Christmas lights, which is why they're up so early - yikes!

  4. Looks nice!! Today with my mother bought some decor for the tree, this year we are thinking in gold and bronze :D but is to soon for us.

  5. I love Christmas crafting, I just don't seem to have time for it this year. I have a great christmas cake recipe if you want it? I usually make it every year. x

  6. I love the bauble wreath! It's my first Christmas living with my boyfriend and I'm very excited: I've started making decorations already and there is so much great inspiration to be found for diy projects.

  7. I'm totally planning on going all out crafty this season! I'm loving the bauble wreath, Rachael!
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  8. I made this great "make your own" Christmas fairy! I tweeted a photo here: It looks stunning on top of my tree! I got some really lovely little cushion santas and snowmen (but didn't make them!)

    I am staying in an apartment ( over the Christmas week and I seriously hoping they have a tree! Will be taking my fairy with me ;)