Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Blogging When You Have Nothing to Blog About

Blogging can be evil at times, you blog a little less each week, you get a decreasing amount of views and comments which ultimately leads you to blogging less and less. Then you get to the point where i'm at and you wonder about giving up completely. I've been blogging for four years - i've had loads of things to blog about, but since the drama of moving to the USA and the completion of the long distance relationship i've always felt i've run out of things to say or that because i'm not here, people don't want to hear what I say.

I'm not fashionable, i'm not into make up, I'm into vintage not because Cath whatsherface Kidson made it fashionable, I was into it way before then, I love my music playing from a vinyl record but I'm just as happy listening to Trivium and Machine Head after listening to Motown. I'm too much of a contradiction that I don't think people can relate to me as a person or to where I am both geographically and in my life. I know you're meant to "blog about what you like" well I did on Monday with the 1920's magazines which I thought additionally my readers would - apparently not. All makes me just want to pack it all in.

This year i'm 27, I'm busy with Hook Stitch Treasure in it's numerous forms, we're saving our pennies for a mortgage and hoping to buy a house this year, I'm married. I don't have countless nights out getting drunk to blog about, Saturdays are estate sale hunting days (and my blog posts about what we find go down like a lead balloon) and this endless, snow filled winter Michigan is throwing at me leaves us going out around the state less and less. Then again i'm in Detroit and well, not many people care to read about that place either while I'd love to write more about Detroit and Michigan but then I think "what's the point?".

It feels like I need to apologise for being grown up and settled, for my love for proper vintage and for where I live. Because it's not fashionable, because i'm not fashionable.

And I don't want to do that. 

Not at all.

So I don't know what to do.


  1. Don't lose the faith! I love reading about estate sales and Michigan adventures :) I struggle like you sometimes about not being the "typical" vintage blogger - I write about vintage T shirts...I might own a lot of dresses, but I hardly ever wear them! In the end, though, I like who I am and what I write about. I like not fitting in. Comments are light, but that's ok - I like what I do, and that is what is important! Keep it up & stay inspired!

  2. Don't apologise for being you! Blog for you and no one else, then regardless of how many page views or comments you get, at least you'll know you're being true to yourself :) x

  3. I say blog for yourself - who cares who is reading/commenting! If you aren't enjoying doing it for yourself, then maybe take a break - if it's a struggle to come up with ideas and you aren't enjoying thinking about it, then you can always go away and come back (I am by no means encouraging you to stop - it's up to you!) x

  4. Thanks everyone! I think begin busy with everything else life wise has made it hard to sit down and be positive about blogging. Plus the stupid snow doesn't let us get out and do stuff too much atm. Hopefully once spring appears we can get out and do some more stuff that might be worthy of being blogged about haha!

  5. I'm a feed reader user, so my numbers rarely show unless I open a page to pin an image or leave a comment. I have a blog myself and sometimes wonder why I bother, then I look through the pictures and remember why ( mine is one of the gazillion nail polish blogs, I started it to record what I have tried out technique wise) I'm sure some of your posts do the same for you. My average post only gets 15 views! But then I remember feed readers may mean more people read it. BTW great to see Machine Head mentioned on a blog, I have been a fan of them for..... oh gawd..... 19 years! I met then when they were first touring in the UK in 94! Now I feel old saying that!But I was only just 15 at the time!!!!!

  6. stay! I love your posts and there is nothing wrong at all with being a grown up and having priorities different from the masses of teenage fashion make up bloggers out there!

    I don't blog enough because I have nothing interesting to say but I read your posts and wish i did anything as interesting or had anything i was as passionate about!

  7. I don't think there is any point to blogging unless you blog what you love - whatever that is! At least then, no matter the stats, you'll be enjoying yourself and that is what matters :-) I've seen a fair few of the bloggers I follow on Twitter talking about how their stats/sponsors/comments are down this past month, and I've definitely noticed a slight drop in traffic too. I wonder whether it's a trend at the moment - less reader engagement?

    Jem xox

  8. I am so sorry you feel like this! I have been stuck in a serious blogging rut lately too and I am unsure where to go with it.
    I agree with Cat, blog for yourself, blog about what you love, blog about things you would like to read about - otherwise what is the point! I personally love your blog so please keep it up =) xx

  9. I'm not sure what to say when other people have said it so well! Just to say I agree with them x

  10. I'm so sorry you feel like this - you are not unfashionable, you are lovely just the way you are. I know how it feels to feel unpopular - echoing what others have said here - my comments and traffic have dropped quite a lot recently too and I worry that I'm just not interesting enough anymore.
    The problem is there are so many blogs now, there's too much choice out there and it's not the community it used to be.
    I sometimes feel sad when I spend ages writing a post and it doesn't seem to please anybody, but the main thing is I enjoyed writing it and will always have it should I ever want to recapture that moment. I know this sounds really sad - but sometimes I re-read back some old entries from years ago - just to remember who I was/what I was going etc.
    Please don't give up xxx

  11. I think most bloggers go through this from time to time. Usually, it helps me to sit down and read through some of my best and most well-received work just to remind me that I am at least somewhat worthy to the blog world. Personally, I really like the posts I've read on here so far including, ironically, this one.

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  12. I use my blog as a type of journal. I put the words out there, and if someone likes them then 'yay' and if no one comments or views then that's okay too - though I do prefere it when people like my stuff :) I've just stumbled across your blog and look forward to reading through it properly :)