Friday, 25 October 2013

FOUND IT FRIDAY: Holiday Antiquing

Antique Shop Hunting

I've been meaning for months to be more dedicated to sharing my vintage finds from estate sales and the like, but it's just never stuck. So I'm running with Joe's idea of trying at least to make it a somewhat semi-permanent fixtures every couple of Fridays in what I'm now terming Found it Friday

Estate sales have been a little hit and miss in the last couple of weeks, coupled with missing a weekend after being stuck with a broken down car, I thought I'd share some of our finds we picked up during our time away. As a couple we love nothing more then finding and poking through local vintage antique malls and flea markets in new places and we certainly came away with some goodies - although mostly of the vinyl and vintage powder compact kind, but I guess you wouldn't expect anything different from us these days!

Vintage Powder Compacts

We took the leisurely coastal route north after coming off the freeway at Bay City and after seeing a couple of antique stores driving through Tawas, we decided to have a quick stop and looksee. There's actually a number of antique malls and it was a great start to our holiday, we managed to pick up three nicely priced compacts - the red powder and rouge compact, Richard Hurbuard somewhat Aztec designed compact and a smaller rogue pot from the Central Michigan Normal from Mt. Pleasant all for $26, bargain!

I find the Central Michigan Normal compact the most intriguing. After doing a little research the title is actually the former name of the Central Michigan University. The university changed it's name just prior to World War 2 so this compact happens to be one of the early ones before mass production took off in post war America. 

Motown Records Sunbeam Mixmaster Vintage Advertisement

Flea markets in the US tend to be a little more junk shop then what i'm use to in the UK, but we popped into one in Oscoda and were met with a huge amount of vinyl. I manged to pick up two Motown vinyls - my first Martha and the Vandellas (famous for Nowhere to Run, Dancing in the Street etc) and a Gladys Knight and the Pips record. I also have another side interest in collecting old vintage advertisements, basically ones taken out of old magazines. I already have a couple up in our kitchen and have dream-like-plans of continuing this when we buy a house these will go with my Fred & Ginger advertisement I picked up at the Royal Oak garage sale earlier this year. At $1 for the two you really can't go wrong and saves me cutting up my own vintage magazines!

Antique ShopVintage Powder Compacts

Our last vintage stop was a gorgeous little antique store called Trillium Woods Antiques somewhat in the middle of nowhere but handily located along Lake Shore Drive more communally the Avenue of Trees scenic drive. This sweet little log cabin store was set within the woods and had some lovely home decor pieces, but as ever we were more interested in the compacts and managed to find two. The first being a leather one, also part of a matching set with a small purse with the most intricate design upon the top and the second, a cute little square design with flowers. Granted the second wasn't the cheapest ($19) in hindsight but certainly welcome in my collection!

Looking back at all out goodies has made me all excited about all the estate sales we have lined up for tomorrow, there looks to be a few good ones so fingers crossed!

Where are your favorite places and shops to get your vintage picks from? Found anything good yourself lately - I would love you hear all about them!


  1. Love vintage things, that floral compact is very pretty :)! I've not played vinyl in years, I used to like the crackle it made when you first put the needle on the record. We have a couple of vintage shops here in Aberdeen and I have chosen a vintage teaset for my Christmas & at £50, I'm sure is a lot more expensive than if we had estate sales over here (it is however very pretty :) ). I always wonder about the history behind the item like who owned it, was it a present, etc.

    Have enjoyed seeing your finds :)

    1. The crackle is the best isn't it?! Estate sales can be really hit and miss with the pricing as with charity shops - a lot of it comes down to the company running it, but some of the prices can be ridiculous. I love wondering about the history of items too, especially when it comes to the vintage compacts but more so with the vintage postcards I come across, wondering who wrote them and to whom.

  2. Your floral compact is so pretty. You really purchased some great items. I went to my first (and only) estate sale a few months ago and I honestly don't know if I will ever go to another. For some reason I just found the entire even so sad.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    1. Maybe I'm immune to it after going to so many sales but I certainly know what you mean, it's worse when the company doesn't tidy away personal items. But sometimes they have the sale because they are moving, downsizing and if it helps them move into their new life, or helps the family I don't feel so bad. I guess I would rather go, buy stuff then see it all being thrown away.