Wednesday, 2 October 2013

VINTAGE: The Bride and Homemaker

These wonderful advertisements were printed inside The Bride and Homemaker of Detroit, a 1953 booklet filled with page after page of advice for the soon to be bride. Articles denote just what the groom pays for on the big day (the rings, clergyman's fees, wedding licence, gloves and buttonnaires, bachelor dinner, a gift for the bride to the honeymoon). While the feminist in me fall queasy at the thought of recipes to find "the way to a man's heart" or that helping your husband have a spanking smart and clean suit will help him to success the semiologist is always looking for the hidden meanings to femininity representations and the like.

Nevertheless vintage advertisements have an art and are a joy in and of themselves. Upon my kitchen walls hang a couple of 1950's food product advertisements, they are bold, eye catching and go into immense detail which certainly lacks in contemporary airbrushed adverts. While these adverts certainly won't be getting ripped from their booklet any time soon, a bit of brightening through fotofuze and they look as good as new.

Don't you just love them?!


  1. It's so interesting to read things like this and see how much things have changed in the last fifty years or so! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jess xo

  2. They are such cute ads although I suppose hopelessly dated although not offensive like these

  3. I find old adverts fascinating, it just shows you how much has changed and history!
    Hannah :) x

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