Friday, 4 April 2014

LIFE: Things #6

So the task for this part of the 2014 blogger challenge is something photography based. Which ya know sounds really fun unless you're like me and have already failed at the monthly photo an hour challenge in the last two week. Granted I was at a home buyers course for the day and six hours of the same pieces of paper at the same desk wouldn't have been that thrilling to view. Life has been a little hectic of late, you might remember me talking about renewing my green card and buying our first house both of which are finally getting somewhere but there's still a way to go, particularly with the house side of things at least.

So yey for having loads of blog posts in my draft folder because I'm so behind on finding that odd couple of hours just to sit and type a post or three out. So for this challenge, I'm basically relying on my 365ish photo challenge I set myself just to convince myself that there is more to my life than houses and packing up our one bed apartment (man do we own a tonne of stuff).


So life has pretty much been made up of;
  • Seeing far too many pretty houses suffering with the black mold of doom in their basements
  • Playing life size tertis games in the dining room with boxes of stuff
  • Eating far too many doughnuts nom
  • Finding my happy place lost in cross stitching and then playing around on Stitch Board designing some of my own from photographs (you can loose hours doing this)
  • Finally getting around to finding Pinterest useful
  • Buying an egg cup in the US (probably easier to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow)
  • Having the lurgy aka a cold
  • Trying to catalog all the vinyl on discogs and feeling overwhelmed at just how many we own 
  • It's taken two years but I finally found a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers music sheet at an estate sale 
  • Going a whole week without snow - score!
  • And now being able to go outside without having to wear two layers of gloves and feeling "warm" in a cardigan and scarf
  • Saying that with how cold out winter has been in Michigan, 4C degrees feels really warm, my inner thermostat is really screwed up.
How are things with you?
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  1. I'm with you on the no snow!! It's been rainy, but I can see the ground and it's been in the 40s quite often! I'll take it!

    1. It's nice been able to go out without a jacket on a couple of days this last week, but yeah rain over snow these days.

  2. Doughnuts are the best! I don't blame you for eating loads. I don't like jam ones and that's all the other half seems to buy, typical. Really no egg cups? I find that odd. It's been an ok week here, I'd just like to hear about the house so it can be over with now x

    1. I have a weakness for lemon curd filled ones, they are tasty!

  3. I love cross stitching! Your Star Trek ones are so cute :)
    As if egg cups are a rare thing!? What do Americans eat their boiled eggs out of???

    Jess xo

    1. Thank you - I have a mountain of stitching designs I want to do, just finding the time to do them all and then the space to display them haha

      As for the boiled eggs, I don't think they are a thing here, like at all. I'm not sure why hence why they are crazy hard to find in a shop ... :s

  4. I hope all the house stuff gets a little less stressful and life isn't so hectic for you soon! For about two months after we moved into our flat our spare room was like a game of Tetris with boxes full of stuff that we hadn't quite found a place for yet! It took a lot of hard work to get that sorted!

    Debi x

    1. I hope it does too although I'm not sure that's going to happen any time soon! I think our cats think we're just making them a new playground, they love having new boxes to sleep and sit on.

  5. When Kris and I packed up our studio apartment we owned so much stuff (Read: Junk). I could not believe the amount of cables for the most random pieces of tech on guy could own. All that "this may come in handy" stuff... I don't even know how we got so much junk... and we now have more!

    I don't really use pinterest, I'm just not really sure of the point. (Can I say that on the web?...)

    It's 20'C here in Belgium... Isn't the weather a sign of an impeding apocalypse? Sure I read that somewhere, maybe in the Bible ;)

    Pshhh, there's no such thing as too much doughnuts ;)

    Ewww, lurgies. Injection, injection, no infection!

    Good luck with all the housy bizz!

    1. Haha i'm sure it's the same in Yorkshire if and when it ever gets that warm, at least it always feels that way. Admittedly I'm a bit of a hoarder, especially when it comes to craft things or vintage things I know eventually I think I'll find a use for something, then I keep it for years and never do anything with it. Then the week after you need it. Learnt from that too many a time!

  6. Still craving a donut from your donut post! And how cute are those cats?! Hope you had a good weekend :)