Tuesday, 29 July 2014

LIFE: Shores, Rocks and Walls

RogersCityMichigan RogersCityMichigan RogersCityMichiganRogersCityMichigan RogersCityMichigan

I've typed, deleted, tried to retype so many words to describe this snapshot of a random weekend in Rogers City that occurred last October .. yes really, October. It was an unexpected three night stay in a motel by Lake Huron after our car ground to a halt driving back to the 'burbs from Mackinaw City. Home seemed a long way away when you're car-less in a place not really geared for tourists. Yet it led itself as opening an opportunity of learning about a community embedded within it's local quarry and a lake - the memories of men loss and serving at the later forever remembered at the Great Lakes Maritime Museum. We treated ourselves to walks along the lake shore, delicious treats at the Chicory Cafe - a delightful organic cafe and enjoyed sitting on the balcony watching the sunrise and the sunset.

Sometimes things just happen for a reason, this was a good one.


  1. These are great shots, that first photo is beautiful. I love when unexpected things or events turn into great adventures and happy memories :)


  2. Sounds like quite the nice little (unexpected) pit stop, and you got some cool pictures out of it too (that green wall/red flowers picture is beautiful!) I like exploring little towns like that once and a while, they can be not so overwhelming with people & busy-ness like the bigger cities, so you can really pretend you just live in the city for a day and enjoy little things like watching the sunset or visiting little shops - sounds like you did just that :)

    Cat ♥ Cachoo Joo

  3. These pictures are fab - I especially love the colours in the first one. It's usually the unexpected adventures which prove to be the best!

    Steph xx
    Lay It Bare

  4. I love a little bit of random! And that ickle ladybird... I haven't seen any in ages. I love the wall in the first photo - very artistic ;)

  5. I love it! I document pictures even from long ago because they evoke beautiful memories!

  6. What a fun unexpected adventure! I love the pretty photos!

  7. Yes, I know I'm incredibly late on catching up here. Wedding gah! I just had to say that your photos are lovely. You always take such pretty shots of your adventures! :)
    Debi x

  8. The wall with the red whatevers? Beautiful!
    A bit of randomness and forced spontaneity is always to be celebrated.
    And as I'm playing catch up, love love love the new blog look!
    M x Life Outside London