Wednesday, 30 July 2014

LIFE: The Summer Tag


After being tagged by Sam (a Michigander don't ya know) it would be rude to not tag (haha get it) along. Nevertheless with moving, this summer has been weird - the weather which is a little colder than normal, but still in the high 20's all the same, is throwing me off my mark. 

What's your favorite thing about summer?

Although we haven't had any - I love BBQs and summer shandy, being able to sit out into the evening, all the light for crafting. 

Do you have a favorite summer drink?

I wouldn't say I necessarily drink anything more because it's summer but I do enjoy brewing my own iced tea, adding in some lemon juice. Even adding some rum into on an evening. Oh how the Rachael ten years ago would frown at me for even thinking about drinking iced tea. How things change. 

Is there a location you prefer to go in the summer?

Back in the UK I'd say the beach, here it's more anywhere indoors with AC when it's a proper hot day. You can't really do too much when summer hits it's height. Saying that summer is the perfect time for hitting yardsales plus estate sales are everywhere on a Saturday during the summer which is always fun because you never know what you might find! 

Favorite make up look for the summer?

Makeup-less, is that a look? Urgh make up + my English heat levels + Michigan summer = not an attractive look.

Dresses or skirts?

Neither ... shorts at a push

Sandals or ballet pumps?

Actually normally shoe less in and around the house and garden, estate sales/work/gardening doesn't call for sandals, plus I hate seeing toes ewwww. 

Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for the summer?

I vary between both - summer nights means I dry my hair naturally and it's natural curl kits back in which makes it nice enough for keeping down. But if i'm working and, or outside, it normally ends up being up, in some messy sort of way.

Deep smokey eyes or bold lips?

Even at 27, me and make up don't go well together, pass.

Favorite perfume for summer? 

Perfume actually tends to give me a headache so I stay away from it a lot of the time, but Daisy is always a winner if needs be.

Last but not least, favorite music for the summer?

Motown, summer is the perfect time for hearing those 1960's soul tunes.

I'd love to hear what your answers would be!


  1. Haha, I can relate - I avoid make-up like the plague in summer, the American heat is just too intense for me to even consider it. Eternally grateful for air conditioning and iced tea.

    1. Oh since moving into a house with central air it's a godsend. Not that we've been needing it the last couple of weeks, the weathers got a bit wonky lately! But iced tea is a winner!

  2. Ugh Michigan summers are NO FUN. But then again I suppose they're better than the winters...
    And I agree, during the summer I'm a very light/no make-up person. I love how all of these tags just kind of assume that we all wear skirts and makeup and fancy hair-do's during the summer. HAHA. I'd love to see a tag post that asks what you plant in your garden, whether you'd prefer to run through mud or hot sand barefoot, or whether you'd add rum or tequila to your lemonade. Those seem to be a bit more appropriate for summer...
    I loved reading your answers, glad you did the tag! :)
    ~ Samantha

    1. I went into this summer thinking this was the year i'd finally be able to cope with the heat, and what does it do?! It's colder than normal. The last couple of weeks have been like an English summer, which now seems too cold lol.

      And yes, those questions are a lot better! But rum or tequila?! Hmm that's tough! Haha ... probably rum.

  3. I loved makeup in high school and would wear so much even on hot summer days, now I know better and just wear a little foundation and mascara and that's it (before I would wear blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip gloss -- omg I was a mess) Lots of people like to go to the beach during the summer but holy cow it is HOT! I think I'll wait until it's NOT 100 degrees outside... :D


    1. Haha darting between AC'd placed is like a sport at times, anywhere that it's cool is fine by me!

  4. That picture is amazing! I love summer I just wish I could get outside more during the day rather than being stuck in the office. Sitting outside in the evening with some iced tea sounds PERFECT.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

    1. Thank you - it's an old one I dug up after finding it on the computer, think it's from a holiday years ago in Scotland, it seemed to fit the post title well! I remember the years of working in a basement in the summer without any AC, those were horrid times!

  5. Makeup-less is my go-to summer makeup too!
    This was a lovely short tag post. Really made me giggle!

    1. It always seems to pointless caking on the make up when it slides off in the heat an hour or so later, that's, my excuse at least lol.

  6. You obviously took your answers a lot more seriously than me haha. I've yet to move into the ice tea, I think I've tried it once or twice.

    I'm hardly comping with the summer here, it's sitting around 30 and that's so freaking hot!!

    1. Its quite tasty, especially if you need a caffeine hit but your boiling. I still need a bit of convincing on the iced coffee malarkey though.

      We're normally in the 30's, but this week it's been all rainy and chilly (I say 24C as chilly these days, i'm loosing it).

  7. It's been winter for long enough for me to have forgotten the sheer heat of the 40 degree days of an Australian summer and instead I feel nostalgic.
    Makeup in summer??? haha not a chance.

  8. Ahh I love summer BBQs too! For most of my life I despised summer, the heat was just too much for me! But within the last year or so I've really grown to love it, the heat included! It only took 20 years of living in the south to get used to it! Haha.

  9. Heeey, I just did this tag on my blog !

    If you want to check it out :

  10. Iced tea with rum? You animal! Everyone knows gin is the only option.
    Motown is a superb music choice too.
    M x