Friday, 19 December 2014

LIFE: The Henry Ford

I guess you could say the Henry Ford is probably one of those must visit museums if you're ever in the area of south east Michigan. Noted for it's collection of many of America's notable historical pieces, the museum began it's life as the personal collection of Henry Ford (the noted automobile industrialist). Now it captures a glimpse of the industrial revolution, the history of the automobile through to pop culture and agriculture.
The Henry Ford over in the suburb of Dearborn was the first American museum I ever visited back in 2011, oddly enough around this time of year. Joe was having a work party there so I took to entertaining myself with the displays while he got to eat fancy food.


Driving America has to be my favorite part of the museum, they were revamping it the first time I came to this museum and now it's a well established fixture. The exhibit traces the history of how we got from horse and cart through to the cars we recognize today - how automobiles brought about the travel industry, hot rods to drive thru eating.

I wouldn't mind owning one of these classics myself.

HenryFord henryford1

As I mentioned, the Henry Ford has some key items from America's most recent history and the social battles for equal rights. It's home to the Presidential car JFK was assassinated in, the Rosa Parks bus and the chair Lincoln was sitting in when he too, was shot. But you'll also find the first helicopter prototype, Edison's alleged last breath in a tube to a Dymaxion House.

HenryFord HenryFord

Always around this year, the Henry Ford is home to a gorgeous huge Christmas tree that dwarfs everything and anyone around it. With a golden glow, it's decorated with miniature toy sized vintage cars, planes and trains - it's pretty magical.


I gotta confess I love museums with historic collections, I love standing before history and seeing it for myself. I'd love to hear what your favorite museums are - wherever they are in the world!

You can find the Henry Ford at;

20900 Oakwood Blvd,
Dearborn, Michigan


  1. Transport like museums I quite enjoy, even though I'm not big on cars and such. There's a military museum in Brussels that I'm quite keen to check out, what with tanks and planes and what not, sounds pretty awesome to me! General history museums and art galleries, I rarely go to them because I find them quite boring. I like specific museums, specifically with dinosaurs and other science/natural history related things :)

    I'm kind of wondering what it would have been like if we had to ride our horse and cart through the McDonald's drive through haha

  2. Wow at that chair! That is just so incredible really.I would like this museum, it is so different. And yes, I wouldn't mind one of those cars too!

  3. I absolutely ADORE the Henry Ford Museum! We went there several years on field trips when I was in elementary school. My personal favorite is the circular (metallic) house. Is it still there? Also, be sure to check your email because IM GONNA BE IN MI after Christmas and we could possibly do a meet-up! :)
    ~ Samantha

  4. That looks like a really cool museum! I'll have to add it on my list of things to check out next time I'm in MI.

  5. Looks like a really awesome place to visit. I like museums that are a bit different than your typical art museums. Here in NYC we have some really great ones. If you ever visit check out the sex museum- maybe have a drink first 'cause there's soooo much going on! Or at least visit the gift shop- that's the best part, and it's free! A.

  6. I enjoy the Henry Ford, but that's something I only visit every couple of years. The train section is pretty cool though.

    My favorite museum is the Air Force Museum down in Dayton, Ohio.

  7. My other half would love this; as well as the lorry and steam engine enthusiasms, he also likes classic American cars (and obviously anything industrial/engineering-wise). He wanted one for our wedding car but we couldn't find anyone locally who had one available for hire, boo hiss :-( When we're older (and have more money) and plan an epic trip across the US, we'll be putting The Henry Ford on our list of places to visit. :-) xx