Wednesday, 3 December 2014

MUSIC: Christmas Gifts for the Music Lover in Your Life

They tell you to blog what you know and well, we're a little obsessed about all things music and vinyl around ours. So I thought I'd compile a gift list full of ideas for young and old, male and female for Christmas (or basically any time of year) for the music lover across a range of prices (cuz ya know gift lists with everything over $60 kinda suck). 

Or just for a treat for yourself. 

And ya know what, I wouldn't mind any of these for myself ... hint ... hint.

I gotta admit, the range of record clocks the Vinyl Eaters store has is pretty cool. All made from old records that are too scratched to play, they have a range of clocks in designs from American cityscape's (above), to bands, a Batman clock, Bobs Burgers to zombies. I think I may have to treat myself to something from this store, that's how much I'm loving it right now.

Art Prints - $69.00 via ConcepcionStudios - Etsy
Adorning the walls of our vinyl room, we have a couple of music posters related to the records and bands we enjoy listening too. This collection of three retro styled posters for Bowie, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are pretty timeless and would certainly go well with the posters we already have. Confession - I wouldn't mind that sideboard either.

Record cloths are pretty basic I have to admit but for $5.99 it's a perfect stocking filler for the vinyl lover. Basic but a necessity if you want to keep those records nice, clean and static free for every day use.
Snuggle up on the dark winter nights under a blanket or jazz up your bedroom or living room with this turntable pillowcase while listening to some music of course.

Bowie Eye Test Chart - $65.00 via WastedandWounded - Etsy
Handmade limited edition retro eye test featuring a number of Bowie's stage alter egos - perfect for checking how many mulled wines you've downed on Christmas Day and perfect for adding something extra to your wall. 

I gotta say, I would be all over these if I had my ears pierced. These earrings are manufactured from the label sections of old records, sealed in resin which makes them so shiny. Perfect is you're after a one of a kind gift.

Turntable Infant Bodysuit - $18.99 via
Kinda wishing I knew a baby to buy this for and well, the corruption into being a vinyl lover needs to start at a young age. Plus, this turntable bodysuit is just to darn cute. Comes in a range of colours too - blue, pink green and white or basically one for 4 days of the week at least.

Personalized Vinyl Frame Record - $75.34 via Vinylvillage -
For the personal touch how about a personalized framed vinyl. Vinyl Village can frame up any 1950 to the present day single with space for a special message. Be it the single at the top of the charts on the day you or your gift recipient were born, your first dance at your wedding or just that song that sends shivers up your other half's spine, this is an awesome gift for something extra special.

Everyone needs somewhere to store their vintage 45's, so why not store them in this classy and pretty tartan vinyl vintage 45 case. Gotta say I'm loving the pattern on this holder!

Any music lovers in your life?!


  1. My boyfriend loves music, but if I buy for him I have more success going for music albums or maybe a T-shirt with a band. He is not that much into decor... but I would love those prints in my house!
    Andreea |
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  2. I'll take the record earrings and the record clock, thank you! ;)

  3. Sometimes I get over excited and send my comment without finishing it...

    As much as Kris and I love music, we're not record collectors and as I shocked you previously, we've never even played a record haha

  4. Great picks! That vinyl record clock and the turntable pillow case are the coolest!


  5. gah. i'll take EVERTHING. thank you :)
    but gosh, seriously. this post is making me *swoon*

  6. I love that record clock so much! I would be so tempted to get it for my dad for Christmas. He has a tonne of vinyl from the days where he had a disco so it would be a perfect present for him. I also really love the record earrings! Cute!
    Debi x