Thursday, 29 January 2015

CREATIVE: A Garden Party Stitch Along

It's not that I need an excuse to get creative with any cross stitch project especially when I have a dream list of things I want to stitch that's longer than my arm. But when Cross Stitch Collection magazine announced a stitch along project running throughout 2015, I thought why the hell not. One of my missions (I guess others would call it resolutions) for this year is to be more crafty and creative after all. 

The project - Garden Party is a free Edwardian scene and is not only the first stitch along I've taken part in but it's basically the largest project I have ever, ever worked on. Which I admit is as much scary as it is exciting. On 16ct the piece measures a good 7 x 26 inches with over 47,000 stitches. Ekkk.

It's also been a perfect excuse to shop from my stash - luckily I had a large enough piece of aida that after cleaning and bleaching came out perfectly and managed to grab a lot of shades from my stash of embroidery floss. Both of which - floss and aida I try and pick up at estate sales, so it cuts down on the price hugely which always helps in my book.


To mark joining in and stitching something so large, I'm going to try and document my monthly progress. I'm currently working on the middle third of the chart. I didn't have all the threads until a couple of weeks ago so for a while, it looked like a big pile of nothing, but now, it's slowly starting to take shape as I stitch in more of the figures. Below is my January check in photograph!


I've given myself the aim of complete half a page a month (there's six pages in all), maybe a little more. It doesn't sound a lot but there's a lot of stitching and colour changes.

If you yourself fancy joining in or finding out more, you can find the details over on the Cross Stitch Collection website.

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