Monday, 2 February 2015

LIFE: Lego, Lighthouses & Model Trains

Great Train Show

I have a super geeky hobby, it's a love for trains. Train travel, steam trains, model trains. I love them all. But it's something I've really mentioned in all the years this blog has been on the go. For the last couple of years, me and Joe have been building up a collection of model railway gear - the tracks, the locomotives, the rolling stock and now that we finally have a house and got a little bit more organised, we're starting to piece together ideas for constructing a proper layout. 

Now I won't bore you all about the inner workings of model railroading, but i'll probably share the process in parts and train related places and events along the way. So i'm easing into it with the Great Train Show held at the Novi Suburban Showplace on Saturday which was basically a big trade event for model railroad and train collectors and enthusiasts. 

One of the fun things with any hobby is being inspired by others and model trains is no expectation. But I have to admit to having a big soft spot for the city and rail layout Lego fans always seem to come up with. The event featured a version of city/train layout made by the Michigan Lego Users Group.  It's not a true model railroad as such, but it's pretty accessible whatever you're view of model railroading!

Great Train Show Great Train Show Great Train Show Great Train Show

So much detail!

Their design is part Detroit, part Michigan with Detroit building, a replica version of the people mover, to Michigan lighthouses and just a wider scene of shoreline, farm land and buildings. It's very similar in design to their exhibit over at the Henry Ford which has a large Detroit design. 

Whether you love trains or not, just considering the scale, the time, the cost and the number of Lego's yet alone skill and patience to construction such designs, it's pretty inspiring! 

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