Thursday, 5 February 2015

EXPAT: On Becoming a Little Bit American


When you make a new country your home, it's only natural that the more you feel a home there, the more you adopt some of the local culture, traditions, mannerisms. It can be a fine balancing act juggling my British ways and finding my feet with new American ways, sometimes they past me by. Many of them actually did until I got thinking for this edition of the expat revelations link up with Holly.

So, in the three plus years America has been my home, how do I think I've become just a little part of the furniture?!

A for Effort with Coupons
The art of coupons is very much a sport over this side of the pond, of which I am but a mere beginner. I do love being able to put coupons on my shoppers card but I don't go the extremes of buying Sunday papers just for the coupons. It is pretty fun though seeing how much you save. 

Americanized Spelling
Just for points sake I stuck the z (zed though, not zee) in there. I wonder if we didn't have an eBay store that this would have changed as much as it has but I have adjusted my spelling. It's not so conscious anymore especially when typing. I miss out "u"s and throw out "z"'s all over the place these days.

Reese's to Hot Dogs
I eat like an American I will be honest and I love love LOVE American food especially with all the choices you can find here. Then again I was never one for traditional British food - well the meat pies, the roast dinners at least. Granted we live in a HUGE metro area so if you fancy Mexican it's right there, some Korean, perhaps some Mongolian?! Well that's there too. We're pretty spoiled in Detroit for some incredibly good food.

[Weaknesses - Reeses Puffs & Taco Bell]

Reese's cereal is the first cereal in 28 years that I actually like eating, I love a good milkshake from Steak & Shake, a cheeky order from Taco Bell, or a coney to American baked beans. And if needs be, I can happily eat a bar of American made chocolate without turning my nose up.

Issues - From Politics to Immigration
From politics, attitudes to healthcare, immigration, who might run for president in 2016 they all interest (and often annoy me), those choices affect my life even though as a green card holder I can't vote. Mind you it all gets a little depressing so I often tune out but, I have an interest for sure. I still know (to a point) what's going on in the UK politically but I have more awareness and interest over this side of the pond. 

Foreign Homeland
Saying that, the UK feels more and more of a foreign place to me. I cling to listening to the BBC, I like to know what's going on but there's a difference between being told what's occurring and what it feels like on the ground. I'm out of touch with friends, with what's on the TV, what the must have trend is in New Look. 


All the Grown Up Documents
I have American health insurance, American life insurance, an American mortgage, an American dentist, an American bank account, a house here ... you get the picture.

"I'm an Alien, i'm a Legal Alien"
When May comes around I can apply for US citizenship. While it's not something I plan on apply for this year at least (we need that money for fixing up the house and my green card is good through 2024) I know one day in a couple of years I want to start the ball rolling and become a US citizen. It's not something I take lightly although it's something I know I want to do. I want the US properly to be my home and feel fully integrated. I want the right the vote here and to have the right to say I'm a citizen.

[I'm very very slowly exploring the USA] 

Sometimes knowing i'm becoming more American doesn't bother me, I take it with a pinch of salt, other times it brings on the homesickness and memories of that Brit that's still deep inside. Being surrounded by American culture, ways and means it's only natural that I take some of these aspects into daily life, i'm not immune to influence but all these things I do, I try to keep a balance with my British ways and traditions, which is probably worthy of a post in and of itself so i'll leave it at that for now. 

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