Friday, 9 October 2015

LIFE: Small Things


Once October rolls around I feel like one of the few people that doesn't go for the whole pumpkin thing, so forgive me while nothing pumpkiny fills up today's small things post. While everyone might be stocking up and drinking gallons of the pumpkin spice whatevers, I've been feeling more at home with my huge box of Yorkshire tea that landed on my doorstep (along with packets of instant custard and angels delight) in a birthday care package from the homeland for my birthday. Now that's more my kinda thing!

Otherwise other happy things include;

  • Joe brought me a brand spanking new laptop for my birthday. Yey I finally have a working laptop that actually came with Windows 10 so I didn't get to kill another laptop in the upgrading process.
  • Said laptop coming with the kindle app and a local library that offers downloadable books for free to borrow - I'm far too excited. 
  • Dear Ms Leigh is the expat blog of the month over on Expat Blog - for which I rambled on about myself. 
  • Stitched a Halloween Kitty although I forgot to take a photograph of it completed before passing it to my friend ... oops 
  • That birthday of mine.
  • I finally got around to ordering my spring bulbs. Over 200 of them. Far too excited for them to arrive - lots of daffodils, iris's, glads, crocuses to name but a couple.
  • Doing lots of reading - Night Circus, Friends with Boys and Ocean At The End of the Lane being particular highlights of the last two week.
  • Binge watching How To Get Away With Murder - love that show and season two is looking to be just as good.
  • Lots of tasty new food places and cocktails drinked
  • Hungry Howie's chocolate brownies with raspberry topping mmmm
  • Taking a birthday road trip to Cincinnati - enjoyed the night in a hotel and got to visit the zoo again (couple of blog posts upcoming ... eventually) but think baby red panda and blue penguins! 
  • Oh and feeding a giraffe - much fun! 
  • Seeing some of the Ohio countryside/farmland while trusting google maps diversion around accidents and roadworks. 
  • Starting a Scandinavian advent calendar cross stitch kit - a birthday gift my parents picked u[p in Norway which is far too cute and I'm loving every stitch. Fingers crossed I get it finished in time for December 1st. 

So tell me, what's been rocking your world lately?!

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