Monday, 26 October 2015

LIFE: Small Things

Small Things

Life has been a little up in the air shall we say in the last couple of weeks, which unfortunately led to a quick dash back to Pittsburgh for a family funeral. Hence the delay in getting out last weeks small things posts, but with a death, it makes you appreciate those small things even more. And while I could go on about the differences in how a funeral plays out in the US in comparison, lets just talk about happy things, like;

  • Fall the fall colours - I can never tire of seeing all those oranges, reds and yellows
  • Signing up for Marvel Unlimited and getting to read loads and loads of Marvel comics - old and new
  • Managing to get a 3 foot tall Peace Lily home in one piece all the way from Pittsburgh, it however may not survive being around the kitties ... 
  • Having a couple of days being called auntie is always fun
  • Driving around the back roads of Allegheny in Pennsylvania and being blown away with all the beautiful fall colours (more on this to come)  
  • Finally getting around to reading Nimona which is a very quirky and fun graphic novel that I would highly recommend
  • Also Neil Gaiman's Sleeper and the Spindle is both a beautiful tale and gorgeously illustrated which is always a double winner
  • Being spoiled with a Keurig coffee machine in our hotel room
  • All the pumpkin carving
  • Meeting lots of new kitties and seeing just how well they flock to me, it's like I just let off cat lady signals at every turn
  • Popping into an anime store in Greensburg and finding all the goodies

How are things with you?

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