Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lush Toner Waters and Helping Hands Girlie Treats

My blogging might become a bit hit and miss for a while - I kind of need to sort my head out a little and try and fix myself up in a proper job that doesn't make me feel like i'm wasting my degree or knackers me out mid week. I'm caught between the battle of saving money and saving myself and I guess my blog distracts me too much, I blog when i'm meant to be doing job applications or hunting for them. But fear not i'll still be around and i'll still post and comment. Or at least I need to work out how to multi task, but anyway I've managed the draft of an application so here we go back to blogging ...

* * *
But back to business;

My latest treat was two lovely things from Lush. People do really really rave about this shop mainly because they are all handmade, fresh, organic and just smell super yum. While I love their bath bombs and their shampoos, I've had a mixed experience with their conditioners which just left my hair ultra greasy, I've always been a bit iffy about trying things, I guess sometimes its due to the cost. But I need to treat myself every once in a while, so I did and I brought;

[Tea Tree Toner and Helping Hands]

The Tea Tree Toner Popular Water [costing £3.25 for 100mg] is designed specifically for oily to normal skin - skin which normally would be more spot prone for using such products. To be used within your beauty routine after your cleanser, this spray offers a refreshing and ultra clean way to tone your skin using grapefruit and juniper berry waters. The smell is powerful, not to say its so overpowering you can't use it, but it is there, nevertheless this toner is brilliant for removing stubborn make-up, especially eye-liner and mascara that I've found that often more cheaper toners have issues with properly removing. However any issues with the smell is overcome with the freshness and silky clean shine upon your skin.

This isn't to say that a toner is the key alone. For a good toner to work, you need to use a good cleanser and in time I do plan on blogging about the need for the contemporary reinvention of the cold cream as the dream cleanser.

I know I've blogged before about my horridly dry hands before and i'm constantly open to new products to have a go with, so I kinda of got very tempted into trying this Helping Hands hand cream;
And yes it does look as yummy as the image suggests. At £6.10 for 100g it isn't the cheapest hand-cream compared to other high street versions and I was planning originally on trying the Palmer's hand cream. But I saw this and, with the chamomile and honey moisture to soften and nourish, almond oil, shea and cocoa butter base to add even more moisture, I kinda had to try.

It really does work. You don't need much - it goes far and like the toner it has a bit of an odd smell. But its makes my hands more softer and "normal" then anything I've tried before, it even helps with cuts and the redness I often get over my knuckles.

In the newspaper they always offer you when you end up at the till, I spied in the retro part the Ginger Fragrance which they described as "a light and lovely scent with a rich rosy heart and spicy scent that dance all around you. Picture it with Fred Astaire". But an online/postal order only and £30.15 for 40g has anyone ever tried it? Smelt it? Recommends it?


  1. Best of luck with the job hunt, sweetie!!


  2. I hope things sort themself out soon,

    so sad i'm allergic to Lush!

  3. Thank you both! Ah daisy - how bad to be allergic to it!

  4. So upset that I've only just found your blog, it's so gorgeous I love reading it!!! xoxox