Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I dream a dream of a wedding

I think, well I'm assuming that one thing a lot of us twenty something girlies [or even not so twenty something girlies] daydream about and imagine our a wedding. Before meeting Joe I will openly admit I wasn't ever dreaming of a wedding or even a relationship that would get me anywhere near thinking of marrying, I never thought myself capable of getting that close to someone. But my guys changed not only my world but my outlook, he is the guy I wanna marry and I want to spend the rest of my life by his side, as his wife. Getting married per say won't add anything, it'll just cement our love and our life together.

In a way we are doing things in a back to front manner, [hey we aren't normal] we've always been very open about our relationship and our dreams and were we see ourselves heading. We both want to get married and we know just about when give or take this will happen [next year] we're just not engaged. But that's more boring logistical and practical reasons more then anything. [a little love birdie says this will be occurring by the end of the year].

Thing is since I have started picturing a wedding in my mind, I've always known that ait wouldn't be like the traditional big grand affair. I sometimes think i'm one of the few people who want to get married for the love of my guy, too many wedding occasions seem to be appearing to be about the big show, the big party, the big budget [then again I am cynical in my youth] and there is no way I'd want to spend more then £5k on a wedding, yet along £15k [ours will probably be done under $1k for sure].

I guess I have that standpoint from growing up in a totally unclose family - too many members seem to hate each other and half wouldn't come to a wedding that they knew the other half were attending. Then again I just despise of the notion of being hassled and poked into this or that dress, or having god knows what table centres that matches the bridesmaid dresses which matches the ties of god knows who. Then we have the added issue of my family being English, JJ's family being American. Unless a sudden island appears in the middle of the Atlantic in the next few months [that isn't an iceberg] practically not everyone will be there. In all honesty i'm not overly fussed. But that is how I am. Maybe we'll just run away and not tell anyone which is secretly what I want more then anything - just the mother would hate me [grrr].

I guess i'm writing all this here and sticking all these photographs of ideas here because I guess that is what my blog is for, I can't really post about it all over faceache.

So I guess my wedding wish list is;
A vintage/vintage inspired dress - it really doesn't have to be white.
To make my heirloom crochet lace wedding shawl myself - so in a way the dress will be styled around the shawl.
With a bouquet of gerbera daisies [Daisy by Marc Jacobs being the scent I spray my love notes to JJ]
Home made wedding invites
With photographs, oh so many photographs
And for our honeymoon [one element we are working on already] is our first proper roadtrip in the states around Pennsylvania.

But no matter the figure on the guest list or the length of the honeymoon, I want pictures, so so many pictures to keep of our happy day!

Do you dream of our own wedding?


  1. Oh darling, i'm so happy for you. To feel that way for someone is very very special, and now i know how it is as well. I also dream about my marriage, and as you, for me the important part is to cement a relationship already deep, to marry for love. I also am not getting engaged that soon most because of finnancial motivs and issues with our professional life, but is a dream we have together and if there were the conditions we would do it tomorow!
    Love the idea you had for the dress and accessories, just simple and beautifull! Hope everything works out as you dream for**

  2. Aww thank you fleur! Its good to see there's someone out there that agrees. The girls at work seem intent on getting into so much debt because of how people perceive their wedding should be makes me feel totally out of place sometimes.

  3. I do the same! I would marry my boy tomorrow if I got the chance!

    I do dream of my wedding, my bus stop home is right opposite a wedding dress shop!

    I'm like you in that I'm not going to spend £££s on the wedding day and have no money left for the marriage! I'd much rather have a lovely, simple church wedding with a reception in a nice little hall, even a pub!

    Honeymoon - I dunno, I suspect he'll be in charge of that because he loves holidays and I'm not really fussy about destinations :)

    I really can't wait to be his wife though, and though we're not at the stage where we know we're getting married next year or whatever he's told me he wants to marry me and have my babies, so I'm confident :P

    (Sorry that was a bit of an essay wasn't it?)

  4. I absolutely love your shawl idea, it's so beautiful!

    I guess I daydream more than I should, but it keeps me happy and I know that one day I'll get to do it all for real! =]


  5. Now J and I have been together for 18 years and although we love each other I've never had the slightest wish to marry (possibly growing up in an even more bizarre family than yours!) but those photographs almost make me want to tie the knot.

  6. you are so right! i also have a wedding envisioned in my head. :D these are great photos you have on your post, btw. :)

  7. great wedding images/ideas. I wanted to elope as well and was VERY untraditional in my wedding ideas. Somehow, the wedding itself got a wee bit bigger than we wanted, as it turned out the wedding was not just for us, but a big deal for family members. All in all, though, what's most important is that the motivation to marry is one based on love and choice (rather than a Bridget Jones sense of "tick tock!!!!", etc), then the when (rather than if) is all that you need dream of!!!

  8. Sounds lovely, me and my boy brainstorm all the time about our wedding one day.

    I want a halterneck dress not too puffy but not straight down.
    Bright pink bridesmaids dresses.
    Water bowls as centre pieces with bright pink gerbera daisies floating in them. Bouquet of pink roses and white lilies. Small country church (probably my childhood church). Champagne reception with nibbles and then a buffet in the evening with the disco, probably no sit down meal. Our first dance will be to Unbreakable by Westlife or Miley Cyrus When I Look at You but at some point in the night we'll play our song which is Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse.

  9. Though its not my home we're going to, its a place close-ish to where I grew up in Pennsylvania. Oh and uh... *blushes and hides in the corner*

  10. I love everything about this post, it's so beautiful! I can't wait to marry, but nothing will be traditional! Congrats on the planning! x

  11. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Yours is so lovely and filled with oodles of fun thoughts! I recognize all thouse Crochet Today patterns--isn't that a great magazine? Love those easy to read and easy to follow patterns.

  12. My whole life, I've been dreaming of that day! Of course some of my dreams about the wedding are not very practical and may not even come true but it's still fun to dream about them at times!

    I'm sure the wedding you described would be very lovely, I love the ideal of the crochet shawl:)


  13. Ah it's lovely hunni :), you have forgotton your gingerbread cake though...

    I love imagining my wedding, bloody thing has been put on hold again like - but you can't have everything! At least me and he are in the same country again!

    I agree with you about not spending a huge amount on it, I would marry him tomorrow in a dress out of my wardrobe if I could. But he wants the day (now that is a turnaround for the books!) so we will have the day. I'm just going to design and make everything myself.

    Loving the road trip idea though! We've definatly decided on Burgh Island for's going to bankrupt us, but still, once in a lifetime and all that!

  14. I've already had my wedding, so one word of advice: savour it! I loved the planning and the day and it was all over so quickly!

  15. Aww Bonny - me gingerbread cake - ah this needs rethinking!

  16. Your ideas are lovely and I ADORE the vintage style dress you posted!

    The more I plan my wedding the more I wish my fiance and I could just run away and do it - I like the idea of a wedding (and when I get into it it IS exciting!) but it's just such alot of planning to do. Though having dreamt of it for so long does help ;)

    Bah. I just want to marry him. That's the most important aspect really :) x

  17. I've never been one of those girls who dreams of getting married but I am truly obsessed with wedding dresses. Thats a little creepy, isn't it? ;)
    Fab blog. Xx

  18. Your plans sound would be a marriage, as its supposed to be! The crocheted wrapped is beautiful. Do you have the pattern?

  19. Glor - I do have the pattern, it featured within the last issue [May/June I think] issue of the Crochet Today magazine

    I can't wait to start it!

    Not sure if I base the colour of the shawl against the dress, or the dress colour around the shawl?!