Sunday, 23 May 2010

A winters scarf in the height of summer

Okki so the height of summer has finally arrived in the UK - thank god. While its utterly lovely outside and I'm wearing the sun burnt marks to prove it, I've been finishing off my first crochet fashion accessory - the hugely thick and snug winter "Funky Chunky Scarf "as shown upon this blog when I first stumbled across the magazine it featured within - Crochet Today.

Costing £6.95 [for yarn] its been incredibly easy to complete [made of up row after row of treble and double treble stitches] it was made crocheting two threads of yarn [or as us English folk say - wool] - hence the super thick hook required. Adding to the thickness and other-all snugness, its turned out amazingly soft [may perhaps have more to do with the wool, however in my case that was just £1.39 500g balls]. While its missing from my images of the completed scarf, its finished off with three, yes three, rows of tassels upon each end. Its an utterly gorgeous scarf if I do say so myself and will keep the bitter coldness out for sure. Its all ready and set to hit the Detroit winter!
Still in the making progress, wool and counter at hand!
Gwad i'm feeling brave - hardly any make up and no glasses. Yet with a hint of sunburnt arms and my lovely winter scarf.
The original with the hugely fab tassels


  1. Great job! Love the scarf and the zingy shade of red, too.
    Hardly any make-up? Good lord, you're adorable.

  2. Wow I am very impressed! Well done! I read in Glamour that scarves in summer is in this year! Perhaps not ones quite that thick but still!

  3. I love the vibrancy of the red. Woa I miss crocheting. This looks beautiful. =) I applaud you with the patience to make something like this!! I keep breaking the needles. =P

  4. I think you did a superb job, the scarf is lovely! And I heard of the hot weather you guys are currently having, hurray:)


  5. amazing job! and you are gorgeous