Friday, 29 April 2011

Some love birds jumping on the wedding bandwagon

I guess the feeling of love is in the air today and after the gorgeous wedding of William and Kate its rather understandable. The dress, the flowers the atmosphere was stunning. But this whole talk and air of wedding and love makes me want to rush forward and sort out my own wedding. 

When me and Joe was on holiday we spent a night stamping out our wedding invites. We'd had the love bird stamp we brought off etsy personalised with our initials R and J put in the love heart between the love birds. Its only about 2.5cm square in size but its so adorable and cute that is just perfect. On the back is a stamped version of an old postcard. Everyone came out a little bit different, the ink perhaps darker or lighter in some. But that is what makes it perfect. Having that rustic edge.

Now just can't wait for having a date to write upon them and send them all out!


  1. Prett sure you'll make a beautiful bride

  2. aww thanks, I often doubt it but we'll see on the day.

  3. how absolutely adorable, that's so cute and i definitely love the rustic vintage feel it has x