Sunday, 1 May 2011

Part 1. Silence is more musical than any song.

I wonder, well somewhat doubt that Christina Rossetti was taking about the silence from USA embassy paperwork people being anything near musical and singing triumphant songs. But silence is all you can sometimes hear. I've never been a girl of patience, I hate waiting for things even though you know it will happen and you count down the hours, the days, even the seconds to make things happen now. What is worse is when there is nothing at all you can do to hurry things along.

It's worse when it's all out of your hands. 

Visa's are merely a waiting game. Each step, or "stage in your application" has an average time-line you can log onto and compare. I guess the average for my visa (the k-1 fiancée visa) is they claim anywhere between 6 and 18 months, depending on various random factors. To be honest I think it's down to chance. Some people have got through the system in 90 days - I have no, no idea how they managed that but i'd love their luck. All you can do is fill your paper work step by step and wait. 



And wait some more. 

We're three months in and haven't heard anything. You don't even know if you're heading in the right direction or where you are in the processing line. 

I'm not even really allowed into America at the moment, not without proving i'll defiantly definitely leave. What is even harder is trying to sort out a wedding and a honeymoon with no idea when you'll actually be moving but having to get married within three months of landing in the land of immigration.Good job we've only ever really wanted a small wedding and hopefully we can fling most of it all together within a month of me getting there. I better get back to crocheting that shawl again ... fast.

Me and Joe have never been conventional and I don't think our new life starting out together over here is going to be anywhere near traditional. Probably a good thing we like it that way.


  1. Oh wow that seems like such a hassle. I never thought it would be that difficult to get an American visa when you are European.

  2. I think mainly it's due to it being a fiancée visa and there's people out there that would fake relationships and engagements to get into countries. They mess it up for all us genuine cases.

  3. I hope things get sorted soon x