Monday, 23 July 2012

A $4 box of goodness

Summer seems to have occurred with a decreasing amount of estate sales being advertised and noticing our lack of visiting and poking them we took it upon ourselves to take time out on Saturday to go and be nosey. Estate sales can be a treasure chest or an excuse for a junk that people would normally throw away and the sales we visited weren't over run with amazing thing like normal - it's the luck of the draw. Additionally we went much later which may play a part in most of the interesting things already being brought. However - going later the sellers are often left with things they need to get rid of and great deals can be yours - hence coming away with this huge box of random goodies all for four dollars. 

Hidden within this cardboard box of treasure are vintage crochet patterns mostly from the 1940s up to the 1980s, leaning to knit booklets, stamp guides and several 1970s state maps.

The crochet patterns are predominately a mixed bag of doiley or Christmas designs with some fashion and household items thrown in for good measure. I'm not overly interested in crocheting dishcloths or Christmasy things so I'm trying my luck reselling them on ebay - so go have a nosey on there! 

Hidden at the bottom was a mixed selection of 1970s state maps from everywhere from Utah to Michigan to Iowa and many a place in between. For novelty and souvenirs sake I saved the Illinois map for the Chicago reference and city map - the rest I'm not currently sure of their future. Even more odd was a 1972 calender possibly given out by one of the reps of American oil to his customers. With it's cheesey kitsch images it's rather neat and has never been used. Shame it's a little out of date.

And while I might not be the biggest or the best knitter - this pattern book is far too adorable to resell and with really clear images and texts it looks easy enough that even I could teach myself hot to finally get over my knitting complex. We rounded the day off looking at a garage sale and came away with a 1933 "kitchen guide" of which many a page has already been bookmarked - from the picnic spaghetti, stuffed vegetables and a very interesting sounding marshmellow cake.

Have you picked up any vintage goodies lately?

On eBay we have come vintage compacts, Christmas crochet magazines alongside booklets for kitchen ideas [both knitting and crocheting], and a baby Afghan booklet, alongside our normal transformer toys, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Make sure to have a look here! We do ship internationally and combine shipping costs too.


  1. I think I'd have happily handed over $4 just for the state maps. What a gorgeous box of treasures to stumble upon! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. These are great additions to any collection. About ten years back, my mom and I picked up over 10 magazines for 10 cents a piece. The magazines ranged from the 192s to the 1950s. She mailed them out to me recently. I recently picked up a Samsonite train case for $2 and a vintage sewing table I'm refinishing for $7.50. That made me pretty happy.

  3. GAH! I haven't gone estate saling or garage saling in a long long long time, and I really wish my bestie still lived here with me since we both loved just spending Saturday morning driving around and looking for sales! What a great deal for $4! All the pretty patterns and especially the maps! I think they would be great decor/craft tool!

    ♥ laura
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  4. Those state maps are fabulous! x

  5. Oh wow, these are all so amazing!!

  6. Wow, you got so lucky with that price! You found some great treasures!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  7. Oh my gosh, I am soo incredibly jealous. You hit the gold mine! I have no idea how to crochet or else I'd be all over those patterns. And Utah respresent! You HAVE to save that map, that's the best one. ;) haha not really though, I may be biased coming from Utah myself.

    By the way, I am OBSESSED with your new layout. The digital washi tape on the blog header is a-dorable.

  8. Oh I love boxes that have more and more treasure when you dig down. The road maps are fabulous.
    Love v

  9. What a bargain box! I love old patterns I just wish I could crochet! x

  10. Unique finds! Congrats! I think you'll be able to sell these easily if you wanted to. Or, keep them and start a new collection.

  11. i miss estate sales! i used to go to them with my sis! and indeed great finds

    <3 katherine
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