Friday, 6 July 2012

LAUNCHING - Vintage Powder Compacts blog

It's actually got to the point where I'm into my collection enough to want to create a brand new blog all about powder compacts. Nearly three years into collecting, with fifty or so compacts to speak off things are going to the next level. I'm slowly starting to up my game in the world of collecting compacts through not only selling the occasional one but through sharing my tiny bit of knowledge. I want to try and make a mark in the vintage compact world. I have no illusion that I'll become a BIG name but I do have the illusion that my collection should be shared. As a collector I try and hunt out information on the internet all the time, but I struggle and run into dead ends constantly - that's something I want to change and perhaps why I want to branch out into a new blog.

Don't get me wrong - compacts will still be a feature here [that's never going to stop] and there will be links flying here there and everywhere for new posts over on the blog. Nevertheless I have so much more I'd love to write and post about that I don't get chance because of the huge backlog I already have here on LOTS [trust me I have compacts I brought in March that haven't made their way out], not to mention the fear of boring you all about them. The recent poll I had running did come to show that although you all love hearing/reading about my vintage finds more posts on compacts didn't rank highly. To me they deserve a blog of their own so that's what they're getting.

I would be thrilled if you'd love to come over and additionally follow me on my Vintage Powder Compact blog!


  1. I'm signed up, I was out and about in Beverley today and saw some nice compacts, thought of you...

    1. Thank you! All the compacts come out in East Yorkshire now i'm not there to find them - typical haha!

  2. What a fun collection! Congrats on the new blog!