Thursday, 12 July 2012

Introducing The VintageSearch Website

I recently [as in this afternoon] received an email about a brand spanking new addition to those jolly old websites that love compiling blogs and like minded folk called VintageSearch. What got me particularly interested enough to share this in a blog post totally off my own back was the word VINTAGE featuring in the title. I was excited enough to even write that in capitals. Within a minute I'd signed my vintage powder compact blog up to the service and I can't wait to dig deeper and connect with like minded people. But it's not only for bloggers - its linked up to vintage stores too. What more could you want?! So if vintage is your thing, your blog thing or you're just nosey make sure to have a peek and sign up!


  1. that is such a cool idea - i'm checking out the site now!

  2. Thanks for the link sounds right up my alley. x