Thursday, 18 October 2012

LIFE: Lately ...

I haven't really been around on blogger and or social media. Well not so much as normal. They've both somewhat taken a bit of a step back - everything else is going on and I'm not finding the need or the drive to spend that extra time blogging - which is kinda lame on my part. But I'm busy, busy busy with trying to expand and grow my online selling. You see not being able to find someone out there willing to hire me to the point where it was making me very down I've taken matters into my own hands and I'm just throwing myself head and feet into my eBay reselling and additionally with my Etsy to make my own way in the world. Granted it's slow, it takes up a lot of my time from Saturdays and Sundays 9 to 4 hunting estate sales, writing up listings and posting and doesn't make me millions but it's making me happy and I finally feel like I'm paying my way a little in our relationship. 

One of my favorite items up on Etsy right now - a 1950's guide to letter writing entitled It's time to write letters! [now sold]. It's a great reminder to step away from the email and get out a pen, some nice stationary and start penning out a personal hand written letter to your nearest and dearest. Shame etsy isn't pulling as much weight as Ebay is right now though.

On all our estate sale hunting's lately I've been grabbed cheap boxes and assortments of vintage Christmas baubles, I've had plans and been pinning wildly bauble wreaths and I'm determined to make my own this year. Trying to fight off the urge to make it right now and hold off a little closer to December but I hope to get it done and posted up on here!

So that's my life lately. Crazy to think I've been here three weeks short of a year, and hopefully my reselling is heading in the right direction, certainly getting busier week by week!


  1. Ooh, what kind of cat is Smokey? Her eyes look blue so is she a Russian blue or is it a relection? My British Blue has yellow eyes.

    *cat love*

    1. She's a Russian Blue, although not a pure one because she has some white spots of fur on her. The does have the gorgeous Russian blue fur though.

  2. Smokey is absolutely gorgeous, I love Russian’s so much, I was cuddling Jasper this morning and realised just how much I love spending time with him! That letter writing book looks amazing, I wish you lots of luck in your selling, I’ve been trying to make some profit on eBay lately, but it can be draining at times, (especially when people mess you about) but it does give me a bit of motivation and I do really enjoy buying/selling. Hope you’re around a little bit more soon in blogland xxx

  3. It's great that your motivated to do these things, the re selling must be hard but I bet your feel loads better now your doing things and I the estate sales sound really interesting xx

  4. Smokey is adorable, Russian Blue's have such wonderful personalities (mind you, what cat doesn't?) Good luck with the selling. I must admit that after selling on eBay for over 10 years I much prefer selling to the public. I love the interaction and seeing someone genuinely delighted with their purchase. x

  5. I think that's a great thing to be doing. You're an online entrepreneur! Plus all the selling, copywriting, SEO and digital marketing skills you're gaining are hot stuff right now.

  6. But I missssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Hope it's all going well though hun stop in every now and again to say hi :) x

  7. I love vintage baubles! I'm so glad everything is going well for you. I loved your post about tips for selling on ebay too as I am thinking about selling some jewellary... Although I have a part time job I'm struggling to find full time work and like you am thinking of taking matters into my own hands!

  8. Busy bee! That is so awesome that you are selling things though online. I want to start up a shop but can never find the time or really - motivation too, but I would really like to. Good for you! Also, that wreath will look so awesome when it is complete :]

  9. your cat is gorgeous! glad youre finding something to fill your days, being unemployed is so annoying, and i bet its so satisfying going your own way x