Friday, 12 October 2012

Vintage goodie wishlist

If we had a never supply of pennies I think a lot of our goodies would be vintage in origin and with hitting estate sales every weekend it certainly gets me dreaming even if we don't have the spare cash, or the room to rehome them. While I like vintage accessories and furniture Joe has a partaking for more manly vintage things like pinballs machines, equipment and working things. Here's a selection of the goodies we would love to have one day;

We use to have an old cream rotary phone hanging on the wall in my early childhood and I can still remember it now. There's something charmingly happy about turning the daily for the numbers one by one. I don't need a house phone to do a million things but I would love it to be pretty and what could be better than this gorgeously curved, pastel mint green old phone? To be honest even if it wasn't in working condition I'd take it home as a display piece.

We did see a chaise lounge once at an estate sale but it was in a damp basement, who knows how long it had been down there and it needed reupholstering for sure. Plus on top of that they were wanting a fair whack which is tricky when the condition isn't really know. I never thought I'd want and or need one till I saw it. I can imagine having on in a bedroom by a window with a view. Just an extra space to curl up and read a book in some peace and quiet.

There is a tale as to why I'd love to own a sewing table/box. Long time follows of my blog will know about what happened when my gran died, the case of lots of her belongings being thoroughly thrown out by certain family members without a second thought. My mam had had her heart on the sewing box and it's from her I inherited my love for all kinds of sewing. It seemed fitting that she would inherit the sewing box that her dad a carpenter, made her mum [my gran]. Or so you had though. My uncle thought it was his right because he was clearing everything out and that my cousin [who doesn't sew] should have the said box. She didn't even come to the funeral. Okay rant over. But you can see why?

I am a girl who doesn't own her own dresser - yet. It's currently an old desk which actually does the job of a dresser rather well but I'd love my own vintage one with a huge mirror and plenty of drawer space. They seem however harder to come by in estate sales then I would have imagined. Ah well keep looking!

Do you have a vintage wish list in your head? What vintage things are you after currently?


  1. Love all the furniture choices. The chaise lounge is just beautiful. I'm in the process of sanding and staining a 1960s empty sewing table. I'd love a vanity like the one you have here but they are pricey.

  2. These are all lovely, especially the chaise lounge, and I'm with you on the phone - the old ones are so much more fun to use!

    Anna z

  3. All these pieces are just beautiful. I'd love to have a mint green phone, and the dressing table is just gorgeous! I'm using an old desk as a dressing table as well at the moment, it's just not the same. Lets hope Santa's feeling generous this year haha.

    Charlotte xo

  4. I love the chaise lounge! absolutely beautiful. I really enjoy your vintage blog, even though I'm not a vintagey person I love to see all the items and how people decorate their homes with them. Wish I could do vintage chic but I just can't get it to work for me! boo!

    Claire xx

  5. That phone is beautiful, I need one in my life!

    Julia x

  6. I want the phone.. ok everything XDD is a beautiful list

  7. That dressing table is a little bit like mine! :-) I love the look of vintsge stuff but it wouldn't really go in my house so I haven't got much. Love the chaise longe (spelling) and the phone!

  8. Oh gorgeousness! It's so sad about the sewing box =(

  9. We have such similar taste in vintage! I would love to own most of these things too. So sad about your Gran's sewing box, I hope you find one similar one day xxx