Monday, 29 October 2012

When life gives you lemons

I know life would be dull if we all had it easy, we wouldn't appreciate the good if we didn't know the bad. But sometimes it feels like when it rains, it pours. Everything things to happen at once - when life gets real. 

Our car has been dying for a month or so, you don't realise how much you need it till the thought of it being dead comes to mind. Joe needs it for his job, you might think social workers sit behind a desk all day but he's more likely to be sat behind his car wheel all day in the three years he's had his current car has added 80,000 miles to the total. But it has a problem with the engine that would cost more then what the car is probably worth to fix and the rear left wheel makes crazy scraping noises when you do start left turns. Not a healthy sign at least.

Then you pay your rent bill like normally, they charge you twice you have $80 to last you a week. Yeah that happened too. We have new "apartment complex managers" which have just been rubbish since day one and once you know you're getting new landlords you know your rent is going up. It's going up that much we're seriously considering moving - we're kinda far out from Joe's work anyway and maybe a move would be good for us and there's cheaper places out there. But it's the hassle and the nerves of moving that come to take over. I can easily move myself from the UK to the US without many nerves but the idea of moving me, Joe, two cats and everything we own as little as 5 or 30 miles is unnerving.

Oh yeah and we're doing all this on one income and my ebay sellings.

Sometimes I think me and Joe have never had it easy what with being in separate countries for 2 years, visas, money problems to me just not being able to get a job. Sometimes you just want to scream for someone to give you a break.

Oh how I whine. As Joe jokes when I whine - would I like cheese with that?!

How do you cope when life gets hard? 


  1. Hey girlie - long time no see! I've had a little hiatus but I'm back now. Sorry to hear you're having a tough time - chin up! Remember you're with your love and that nobody can take that away from you, regardless of whatever else happens. You can get another car or move house but as long as you have him you will be happy.

    I've had a bit of a tough year too - my mum almost died (!) around my birthday, my grandmother had open heart surgery a couple of weeks ago and I'm still laid up from major knee surgery, but it WILL pass and you've got to focus on the positives and the future. Things will get better!

    Lots of love

  2. Wow you're having a bit of a rough time of it all at the moment, I moved house this week so I know how stressful it is, but now we're settled in it makes me realise that it was the best decision ever :) things will be ok, just set aside some time this week when you refuse to worry about anything and do something fun!

  3. Ah no, I'm sorry to hear things aren't going great, and it sounds like it's getting you down. This has certainly been one of those years for me too, non-stop crap. I'm getting through it by telling myself next year isn't far away, and that I'm going to make it a whole lot better than this year has been. Xx

  4. When life gets hard I write down all the good things on little cards and put them in a box, when I feel utterly wretched I get the box and pull one out which reminds me all is not lost.

    I hope things pick up soon lovely x

  5. Things will get easier. And it totally sucks when things like that pile up. As long as you two are supportive and communicate I'm sure something good will happen for you.

  6. Oh, I hear ya. I think expat life is inherently frustrating: You spend all that time and money trying to be with your loved one. And when you're finally with him you can't find a job and money's tight.

    So yes, I know how you feel. Except I crashed my mother-in-law's car, which needed a new door. I hope you sort out your car/flat situation soon.

    So how do I cope? Well, I throw myself into doing things I enjoy - working out, taking/editing photos, volunteering, baking etc. Doesn't mean I don't get down, but at least I have small successes I can be positive about.

    Keep on truckin'.

  7. I really hope things pick up for you soon! I know exactly what you mean about everything coming at once. Although it seems crappy, at least you have each other and you are now in the same place together :-)

    Hugs x

  8. Life is a bumpy road there are no guarantees, you just have to take a deep breath and remember what is most important to you.

  9. I am so sorry that things have been hectic for you two lately. What doesn't kill you only makes your stronger, right? It sure is a pain though. I hope things work themselves out for you soon. Sending good vibes your way!!!