Monday, 7 January 2013

1960's Housing Advertisements


Going around estate sales if a perfect pastime if you love being nosey when it comes to houses and their interiors. Most of the houses are 1950's built, sometimes they haven't been changed in years - the same shag pile carpet, sometimes really old fridges and appliances. They are a great social history step back in time adventure. It always amuses me the amount of fully stocked and serviced bars people have/had in their basements with vintage cocktail glasses and bar stools.  A lot of the houses still do look like this advertisement feature that someone had cut out and kept within a pattern I found which dates to 1962 - the walls of glass, perfectly designed kitchen and walk in closets and bathrooms. They certainly give you great ideas for when we get our own place - I could certainly do with that amount of storage in my kitchen. 

Of course using my sociological head the women are all shown in their domains - the kitchen, in the bathroom applying make up and greeting guests. She is first and foremost a housewife. The man is in his territory - the basement, the man cave. But of course that is apt and fitting for the time. 

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  1. I love them, you do find the most interesting things at estate sales, I really wish it was something they had here. X