Wednesday, 9 January 2013


You may have noticed my blogs taken a little turn in it's posts - predominantly a bit more vintage with the odd what's going on around me post. Many moons or years ago I use to feature a lot more vintage on LOTS - I guess changes in myself in moving pushed that to be back a little. I've always wanted my blog to flow and change as me and my tastes do and being surrounded in vintage stuff through estate sales, collecting compacts and selling vintage treasures is what my life is right now alongside being a cat lady and an English gal aboard. 

I know vintage, picking, and etsy stores aren't everyone's cup of tea - I can tell that because they don't get a lot of views and or comments. But I intend to get back into blogging for what I want it to be rather then pointless posts just to be fitting in with the crowd. That's not me and I wouldn't be being honest to myself or my blog if I was doing that. I refuse to sell out my blog to be popular - it's not worth it and working out that I wanted this change to happen is actually what's drawn me back into writing after my little lull towards the end of 2012. 

Plus i'm a girl who loves vinyl and hardbacked books - I don't belong in this modern era and I need to stop fighting my belief of having to fit in constantly.

Hopefully you'll stick along for the ride. 


  1. Well it make cup of tea and i would like more vintage post, if you are happy writing on the subject then go ahead, it your blog after all. You also sound like a girl of my own heart, i don't belong in the 21th century. xx

  2. We all know I love me some vintage so I'll be excited for these posts. I don't agree with changing yourself to fit in, I know I don't and it hope it doesn't look like I do :s I don't think you have

  3. Change is certainly a good thing. I've really embraced a lot of changes in my life lately and I think sometimes my blog reflects this. There is nothing wrong with writing about what you are most passionate about. I've noticed in the past few weeks my readership has gone down massively - I don't seem to be getting many views/comments, wondering if I've done something wrong or whether I'm just not interesting enough. Looking forward to seeing more vintage on here xxx

  4. i'm definitely staying!
    being yourself and getting back to who you are as a blogger is the most important thing :)

    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  5. I think being true to yourself is the most important thing when blogging and ti remember where your passion lies. I for one have enjoyed the varied topics you cover and I will continue to read :)

    Claire x