Thursday, 9 May 2013

LIFE; Date Nights

Once a week, every week me and Joe have our date night. Going from being in an international long distance relationship for two plus years, to getting married and living together and getting into that routine like married couples do, it's important to keep the dating and the fun, and the together time happening. Date nights are our time, we take leave of our phones (for the most part) turn the computers off and rarely watch the TV (unless we're watching a film). It's us time. It's the time we never had together when we were in an long distance relationship.

Date nights don't have to be expensive, we don't need to impress each other we even break the rules and use vouchers and coupons for meals out. Typically we either go for a meal, try a new place to eat out or go to our old favorite sea food restaurant. Or just order pizza and pig out. We might go see a movie, curl up together on those dreamy new huge AMC reclining seats our local cinema has (seriously it's hard to get out of them they are so darn comfy) or we'll laze on the floor playing records with tea lights everywhere. Even our trips to the zoo our are date days - hence buying membership so we can go often. 

Last week was Iron Man and our favorite seafood restaurant eating out on the patio watching the people go past, tomorrow it's a visit to BD's and then watching The Great Gatsby, and then next week Star Trek (you can see a theme with blockbusters atm right?!). But the fun part, soppy as it sounds is spending time with Joe and remembering how darn lucky I am to have found him. 

We're always on the look out for interesting ideas for date nights so I'd love to hear what you all get up to! 


  1. Our special time tends to be either travelling or at festivals, no phones, computers or the usual routine. xxx

  2. Our special time is mostly just being together and getting diner, curling up on the sofa together, much of the same things you do. However, if you really want to get away from it all for a while, I recommend leaving town for a day or maybe two. Sometimes going out of town and into nature is just a perfect way to revibe. Enjoy your date night tonight!

  3. Oh sweet its wonderful you guys do is the best thing for a fun, healthy and best friend relationship.
    Have a super fabulous weekend.
    love V

  4. I love date nights, especially when time seems to stop and nothing else matters apart from each other. I love the idea of the flicks and food, we tend to spend a lot of time together on weekends - even if we don't venture far, just that time together makes it all that bit special.
    I love the photo you used - it reminds me of The Notebook xxx